Resurrection Diaries Entry 3: Meeting Larter

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Entry 3: Meeting Larter: Wednesday July 13

I woke up this morning to the smell of breakfast cooking. Donna had already unpacked all the kitchen boxes and was proceeding to turn the place into home.

“Our first meal in our new home,” she said, handing me a plate of bacon and eggs. I have to say it was very good.

The cottage is nice. It’s been well taken care of, though I can tell it has been around awhile. It has a porch out front, and I noticed some of the boards on the step could need some replacing. It’s a small place, yet big enough for us, with a bedroom, a bathroom, a combination kitchen/dining area, and another small room that may have been used as an office at one time. This room is in particular need of a new look, for it has been wallpapered with biblical scenes. I noticed quite a few depicting Jacob’s wrestling the angel. On closer inspection, we learned it’s not really wallpaper though. Its pages torn out of books, maybe illustrated bibles. It’s very disarming to walk into the room and be bombarded by all these erratically plastered images. I’m sure Donna will do wonders with it. She is very good with things with that. She’s already mentioned taking it all down and painting the walls baby blue.

After breakfast, I decided to walk around the church grounds and check it out. In the daylight the place looks quite massive for a small town church. Kingston Corners has a population of a couple thousand. It looks like they could house every one of them in here. The church’s architecture is not modern, but almost medieval in its design. Old gray brick, sharp edges and corners, I’m surprised there aren’t stone gargoyles on the roof. The place seems more suited for the Bavarian Alps than Virginia. If it weren’t for that towering steeple and cross, I’d say it reminds me of a German castle more than anything.

I could see the building has some wear and tear to its stonework, blocks cracked or missing, replaced by recently set cement. But whoever did the repairs got it to match closely. The surrounding yard is in a pretty sad state and is going to take some work to get back into shape. The invasion of crabgrass and kudzu seems to have consumed nearly everything in sight, including the church building itself. On one side of the church, the vines have begun to climb up the wall, and are nearly to the roof. Lots of outside work here, that’s for sure.

While I was checking the building out, Larter showed up. He’s a very likable fellow, not at all what I expected. With my dealings with him on the phone, I took him to be an “all business, no fun” kind of man. I was way off the mark, though. He’s a gentleman not much older than myself, with a big toothy smile and a firm handshake. Just the kind of person you would expect to be greeting you on a Sunday morning with a happy “God loves you.”

He took me inside the church and gave me the grand tour, explaining along the way my duties and things that need to be done eventually. Despite things he pointed out that are in disrepair or need cleaning, the place is nicely kept. We went through the entire church, bottom to top and back down again. The sheer size was almost overwhelming. No wonder they are paying me a nice salary to care for this place. It’s going to be a ten-hour a day job from the looks of it.

Finally, after the ‘tour’, we walked back over to the cottage and he handed me some papers that were basically a list of my duties and a crudely drawn map of the church and grounds.

“In case you get lost,” he chuckled.

I put the papers in my pocket. “When do I start?”

“We have prayer meeting tonight, so you can start tomorrow morning.”

Donna came outside to the edge of the porch. “Hi,” she said to my new boss.

“You must be Donna,” he replied, grasping her hand and shaking it firmly.

She smiled. “And you must be Mr. Larter.”

“Oh please. No need to be formal. ‘Big Dummy’ will do just fine,” he laughed. “I was just showing your husband all the work we have for him to do. I don’t think I’ve managed to scare him off just yet.”

“Well, he doesn’t get scared away easily, just look at me,” she joked.

He seemed not to hear her quip, instead his eyes were focused on something behind her, causing us to turn and look. It was a mongrel dog on the porch between her and the door. Its eyes were focused intently on Larter.

Donna, who doesn’t like dogs by the way, stamped her foot on the porch. “Shoo!”

The mongrel took off and ran off into the woods behind the house.

“I don’t like those strays, they get into everything,” Larter said afterwards. “Well, I must be going.” He reached out, shook my hand again, and gave a quick nod to Donna. “We’ll look for you tomorrow, Paul. It was nice meeting you, Donna.”

“Likewise,” she replied with a genuine smile.

I helped Donna finish unpacking the last of the boxes. I fixed us some lemonade and we sat on the front porch to watch the sun set. It’s beautiful out here. Kingston Corners is surrounded by mountains, a small strip of valley that is yet untouched by the expansion of big city life. You can actually hear the birds singing, and the shadows of the clouds against the mountains give those hills a faded blue look. Compared to where we came from this place seems to appreciate a quieter way of life. I think this is going to be a really good thing for us.

+ + + + + + + + +

“Resurrection Diaries” by Paul D Aronson.

Original text copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved.

Resurrection Diaries Entry 2: Arriving

Resurrection Diaries: 10th Anniversary Serial Edition

Entry 2: Arriving: Tuesday July 12

I got up early this morning. Will and I went to pick up the moving van. It took us an hour or two to load everything, but by 9 AM we were ready to go. Will had agreed to drive the truck for us. I’m not very good with a straight drive. I offered to pay him since he was laid off also, but he wouldn’t hear of it. It was decided he’d drive ahead of us and we would follow in our family wagon. Donna and I had spent all night packing. We only had about four hours sleep. At least she would be able to catch some z’s while I drove. Lucky thing…

We said some tearful goodbyes to Sadie and Jack. Or at least Donna did. In a way I am going to miss the company of her father, but Sadie is a whole other story. You know all those bad Mother-in-law jokes you hear? Well, in her case, they are all true and I could tell she hated to see her only daughter go.

“You better take care of her and not let one harm come to her head,” she commanded. I just nodded with a forced smile. She gave me one of those half-hugs that seem to say, ‘I don’t really like you, but I have to do this for my daughter’s sake.’

On the way out of town, we stopped at Matt & Susan’s. We couldn’t leave without saying goodbye to our best friends in the whole world. They are the only ones I truly hate to leave behind.

Susan said to Donna, “Keep in touch. And don’t wait until you’re pregnant to call us.” I rolled my eyes. Susan’s been trying to get us to start a family for some time. I keep telling her they have enough kids for all of us. Three children in four years. Talk about a busy couple…

Before we left, I told them they’d have to come visit after we got settled in. Matt gave me a big bear hug.

“You just call us, buddy. We’ll be there.” Knowing Matt, he’ll be true to his word, too.

The drive itself took the rest of the day and some of the night. It was dark by the time we arrived at the church. In the glare of our headlights, we made out a tall steeple upon which sat a cross rising into the night sky. The front of the building was almost entirely stained glass. Pulling into the lot and driving around to the side, we could just make out the true size of the building in the dark. It appeared to be two floors, but the gabled roof made it seem taller. It reminded me of the Catholic church in my hometown, St. Michael’s. That reminds me, I don’t even know what denomination this church is…Hell, they could even be devil worshippers, for all I know…Just kidding, of course.

We pulled our car around back, following Will’s truck, and there it was: our new home. The porch light was on. Just as Larter had said, the key was under the mat. I could tell Donna liked it.

“This is soooo cozy,” she exclaimed, followed by excited statements of being able to do so much with the place. I left her to her talking, as Will and I unloaded the truck. We just threw everything inside, not bothering to arrange anything just yet. It was too late in the evening for that and I was pretty bushed. We just wanted that truck unloaded as quick as possible.

Will left only a few minutes ago, right before I sat down to write this entry. He’s on his way home now. I’m going to miss him and the good times at work. As for Donna and I, we are in our own home at last. I think we’ll just curl up together and sleep on the floor tonight. We can worry about arranging and unpacking tomorrow. It’s been a long day.

+ + + + + + + + +

“Resurrection Diaries” by Paul Aronson.

Original text copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved.

Resurrection Diaries Entry 1: New Job

Resurrection Diaries: 10th Anniversary Serial Edition

Entry 1: New Job: Monday July 11

Great news! I accepted the job offer from the Church Of The Resurrection today. Donna seems to have her reservations about it, but I think it will be a good way for us to get out from under the wing of her parents. Her dad told me it’s a fine idea, but her mother has expressed it’s a mistake for us to move so far away “just so you can be the custodian of some old church.” Since I was laid off a month ago, we’ve been living with her folks. It’s driving me crazy. At least this way I’ll have a job and we’ll be on our own, just Donna and I.

The head of the church elders, a man named Larter, agreed to my counter-offer of employment. I told him their original offer wasn’t enough for me to pack up the wife and move us to a new town, away from everything we’ve known, so he has now made it worth my while. The salary is quite generous for a glorified janitor, and they are providing us with a house, too. I’m told it’s not a big house, just a small cottage behind the church, but hey, it’s a start. At least we won’t have to worry about rent every month.

I told Larter to expect us within a couple of days. He said that was fine. He would leave the key under the mat for us. I can’t wait. This is going to be so sweet. A brand new beginning. Hell, I almost feel like it’s a sort of resurrection for me: Paul rises from the dead…

+ + + + + + + + +

“Resurrection Diaries” by Paul D Aronson..

Original text copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved.

Vampire Boys Of Summer: Chapter 28

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CHAPTER 28: Guidance Counselor & A Dangerous Lunch
If I thought the rest of the school day would be without event, I was mistaken. After the bizarre attack from the math teacher, Chinatsu wandered off down the hall, and Mrs Thomas went back to her office, leaving Angela and I alone. We watched the other students eye us warily and go to their classes.

“That was a good kick,” I finally told Angela.

She grinned. “I don’t know what came over me. Good thing I’m not in his class.”

“Yeah, me neither.”

“I don’t know what’s weirder, him eating a rat or trying to attack you. What’s he have against you anyway?”

“I don’t know,” I replied. I didn’t say as much, but I felt it was connected to last night’s assault. That’s not what puzzled me though. It was the few words he said to me. Icarus. This wasn’t the first occasion I’d heard it, but this time It had sounded almost derogatory. Was he calling me a name, or was it a code word, a clue to the vampire master’s identity? What did Icarus even mean anyway? And why did he say soon it would be my turn? My turn for what? The slave and master thing didn’t sound too promising either. After all, I didn’t think he was talking about Fifty Shades Of Grey.

“Things are definitely getting strange in Chelsea Valley,” Angela said, as we headed to our classes. Her Spanish Class was on the second floor so we climbed the stairs, neither of us very anxious to get there.

“What do you mean, strange?” I asked.

“Just people. Acting all funky and weird and shit. Guys hanging outside my house.”

I stopped. “What?”

She shook her head. “Yeah. Last night there were like three guys sitting on the low wall across the street. Just chilling. They kept looking up at my house like Lana Del Rey lived there or something. I looked out the window one time and they even waved at me. I shot them the finger and they all laughed.”

“Do you know who they were?”

“No, never seen them before. They were older, like college guys or something. Normally, I’d find that inviting, but last night it was creepy. The last time I looked out they had come off the wall and were in the middle of the street. Then this other guy came walking down the street and they took off. I guess they didn’t want anyone but me to notice them. Bunch of freaks.”

“Yeah, that’s freaky.” I wanted to tell her what had happened to me but I couldn’t. I felt like I would regret it later, but I had to keep my silence.

“But hey, my night was nowhere as bad as yours,” Ang added.

“What do you mean?”

“You know, your dad.”

I hung my head. “Yeah, it doesn’t get much worse than that.”

But actually it does. A worse notion is an invasion of evil vampires taking over the school and all of Chelsea Valley. I was hoping that Haru and Ryo were having some luck today finding Bram.

While Angela was stuck in Spanish Class, I had to endure Art. Normally it was one of my favorite classes, but I couldn’t quite concentrate on the assignment. The class was halfway over when Miss Thomas came looking for me and asked that I accompany her to her office.

Once there, we sat for a few moments in silence, her at her desk, me in the sofa chair across from it. Finally, she sighed.

“I am so sorry about your father, Nora. You and your mother have my deepest sympathies.”

“Thank you.”

“If there’s anything I can do…”

“No, I think we’re okay,” I said , trying to head her off from the typical spate of condolences that come at time likes this.

She nodded her head and seemed to be contemplating saying anything further. She picked up a pen and nervously twirled it between her fingers. After a moment, she set it down and said what was really on her mind.

“Mr. Sharp has been taken into police custody. He will be taken to the hospital to be evaluated. Detectives will want to question you eventually, I imagine. Are you okay with that? “

“Yeah, no problem.”

“The school will have to notify your mother as to what happened. But before we do, is there anything you’d like to tell me? Something the school should know?”


“You don’t know why Mr. Sharp attacked you?”

“No. He’s not even one of my teachers. I’ve never spoken to him or acknowledged him in any way before. I mean, I know who he is. He’s a popular teacher, but I wasn’t aware he knew me.”

“So what exactly happened?”

“Angela and I were walking down the hall. We saw some people outside the classroom and when we got there and looked in, he was at his desk foaming at the mouth. Then he got up and attacked me.”

She nodded, picked up her pen and jotted something down on a notepad in front of her.

“Did he say anything to you ?”

“No, mam,” I lied . I didn’t think she’d understand any of his words to me. There was no point in divulging them to anyone except my Asian vampire friends.

She made another note. “Are you sure?”


She sighed as if she knew I was lying. “Anything else unusual about him?”


“Eating a rat isn’t unusual?”

I didn’t look at her. Instead I tried focusing my attention at the window, wishing I could will myself out of the room.

“Look, Nora. You can talk to me. It’s okay. You can trust me.”

I wasn’t so sure about that. I mean, could I really trust her enough to say there were vampires in Chelsea Valley? No, I didn’t think so. It was best that the less she knew, the better off she would be. Ignorance is bliss.

“I know the things you go through as a teenager,” she continued. “I was there myself once. I know that the culture may be different than when I grew up, but the feelings are the same. I will understand anything you tell me and try my best to help you through it.”

I doubted very seriously she’d understand anything I was going through, but I decided to go out on a limb.

“What does Icarus mean?” I asked .

This threw her off big time. “Excuse me?”

“The word, Icarus. What does it mean?”

She still seemed thrown off, as if she couldn’t understand what my question had to do with anything, let alone teen insecurities or problems.

“Well…um….Icarus I believe, if this is what you are referring to…he was a figure in Greek Mythology. He flew too close to the sun. Um, I never was much into mythology myself. Perhaps you should ask your history teacher about it. I believe they may….”

“Okay, thank you,” I replied, heading her off from rambling even further. I didn’t think she’d be much help, but she had asked for me to talk, so there you go.

I got up from my chair. “Is that all? Can I go back to class now?”

“Yes, that’s it for now. I’ll talk to your mom about the incident soon.”

I didn’t know if she meant it as a threat, but it didn’t scare me half as much as the thought of evil vampires running up and down the halls.

“Okay, I’ll tell her,” I replied, and headed for the door.

“Uh, Nora?”

I stopped, but only half turned to her. “Yes?”

“See you in summer school.”

“Yeah, great.”

I didn’t know it, but it would be the last time we’d have a somewhat friendly conversation.

At lunch, I met up with Angela and told her about Miss Thomas calling me into her office like she was the principal or something.

“Does she think you did something to make Sharp attack you?” She asked. “Because that’s stupid.”

“I don’t know, Ang. She was like trying to be my friend and stuff. It was kind of weird, the more I think about it.”

“She always seems weird to me. But then again most teachers do.”

That reminded me of something Miss Thomas had said. “Hey Angela, you seen Miss Lazenby today?”

She looked at me and frowned, as if the mention of our history teacher was another bone of contention between us. “No. We had a substitute first period. Probably stuck up Ryo’s ass.”

“Yeah I saw her there the other day too,” I agreed.

“I don’t know what he sees in her,” Angela lamented. “She’s moved in with him. I mean, Jesus, she may be dressing like she’s twenty these days, but she’s old enough to be his mom.”

I wanted to tell her I wasn’t so sure about that assumption, but I shut up and let her talk. The relationship between Lazenby and Ryo obviously upset her, even though I didn’t think there was anything to it. From my viewpoint, she seemed more like a servant or helper than a lover. But knowing Ryo, who could tell?

“I went by there this morning,” she continued. “He hadn’t called me since I went over the other night. The night you and I argued.”

“How did that go?”

She smiled. “Oh, he was gracious enough. Walked around shirtless most of the time. Yay for me.” She grinned and leaned close. “He has an awesome tattoo on his chest.”

Part of me almost told her I had seen it before, but that wouldn’t have turned out too well. I could tell she had fallen for him big time.

“Unfortunately nothing happened,” she said in a disappointed tone. “We watched some TV, talked about school and living in Chelsea Valley. I tried to snuggle up close, but then Miss Lazenby came in with some sodas for us and she kissed him.”

“She did what?”

“It wasn’t on the mouth or anything. But she kissed him on the neck and put her hand right on his chest. I could have killed her. The only thing that made me feel better was the irritated look he gave her. He said something to her like, ‘I have a guest,’ and she backed out of the room as if he said he was going to rip her head off or something. It was weird, but I got the impression something was going on between them. Still, the night went pretty well afterward. I just wish he would have made some kind of move on me. I mean hell, I was wearing my slutty best.”

She sighed as if remembering the night and all the things she had hoped that would happen but never did. “Anyway, I haven’t heard from him since then, so I went over before school. I didn’t make it past the door. She was there. I can’t compete with an older woman. Especially when she looks stunning in her low cut vampire dress.”

“Her what?”

Angela frowned. “Yeah, she was dressed like Morticia from The Adams Family, but revealing a lot more skin. Not what I wanted to see this morning.”

I didn’t know what to say. “I’m sorry, Ang. I know you really like him a lot.”

For a moment I thought she was going to cry. “He’s a freaking dream,“ she said. “I just wish he would notice me as someone other than a guest.”

I felt bad for my friend. I knew she had it bad for him, but if Chi was right, Ryo was quite loveless, just like his tattoo said. I couldn’t tell her this though. I couldn’t dash her dreams like that. “Give it time,” I said. “He’ll come around eventually.”

“I hope so. I won’t be young and insatiable forever.”

I grinned. Now this was sounding like Angela again. I reached over and patted her hand. “You’ve got nothing to worry about. You are fun to be around, you have a loving heart and a rocking body, and you don’t give up, and…”

She pulled her hand away, a fake shock look on her face. “I knew it! The rumors are true. You are trying to hit on me!”

I laughed at her joke. “Don’t you wish!”

“What does she wish? That she could be as hot as she thinks she is?”

We both turned to the new voice. Someone had obviously approached the table while we were having our laugh. But neither of us were smiling now. Before us stood The Trumps, all three of them. Amanda grinned.

“I couldn’t let the school year end without returning a favor,” she snarled, right before her fist connected with my face. There wasn’t time to avoid the blow, but her aim was off. Instead of getting me in the nose like Chi had done to her, her fist met my eye.

The world spun and threatened to go dark for a second. I saw Angela try to get to her feet, but Amanda’s cronies shoved her back down in her chair. I shook my head, trying to throw the pain and dizziness off of me. Out of my good eye, I saw Amanda lean down until her face was level with mine. I noticed her nose was still a little off, as if it hadn’t quite healed right.

“I hear you are a cutter,” she whispered, so no one else could hear. She grabbed my arm and with a sharp jerk stretched it out on the table. “So, let’s cut.”

I tried to pull my arm away, but she kept it pinned to the table. With a devilish grin Amanda pulled something out of her back pocket. At first, I thought it was a knife, but I quickly realized it was something worse. It was a jagged piece of metal that had apparently been broken off of something much larger. As a result, it had a jagged edge and I could imagine the damage it would bring if it should slice through the skin of my arm. I feared not only the painful and bloody mess it would make, but also the possibility of infection, like tetanus or something.

I struggled against her grip. She had the advantage, as I was seated and she was hovering over me, allowing her full weight to come to bear on holding my arm in place.

“No, don’t,” Angela pleaded on my behalf.

The weapon hovered over my arm.

“You can beg for mercy,” Amanda snarled at me.

“You wouldn’t give it,” I replied between clenched teeth.

She laughed. “You’re right. I wouldn’t.”

My other arm was still free, but the positioning of Amanda’s body prevented me from reaching her with it. Instead I gripped the edge of the table, intending to shove my chair back in hopes I could break free of my assailant.

Chrissie Trump prevented me from doing so. While her cousin Kari had hold of Angela’s struggling form, she grabbed my free arm pulling it behind my back and holding it there. I grimaced from the pull of the muscle in my shoulder. Pain erupted in my arm and back, and it felt like it was shooting straight for my head and the already hurting of my punched eye.

I wondered why no one was helping me. Maybe I’d gotten used to being rescued, but I found it odd no one was coming to my aid. Haru had promised to protect me, to make sure nothing bad happened to me, and yet here I was fighting for my life with an insane for revenge Amanda Trump. And where was Chi? Luhan? They both had been looking out for me during school, so why was I now on my own?

As I was being held in place, and Amanda taunted me with the prospect of opening up my arm from wrist to shoulder, I managed to twist my head around. I noticed nearly everyone had scattered to the four winds. While a few onlookers remained, those who would grow up to be the kind to stop at fatal car crashes and gawk, everyone else had made themselves scarce. It reminded me of the old westerns dad used to watch. Bad guy walks into the saloon and everyone backs out of the way or hides behind something so as not to get struck by stray bullets.

“Not going to beg?” Amanda hissed, bringing me back to the immediacy of my plight. The jagged piece of metal hovered over my arm.

“No,” I muttered weakly.

I felt the sharp metal touch my arm. It rested lightly against my flesh, not cutting into it. Yet.

“How about now?”

She leaned closer and I could almost hear Angela whisper in her head for me to go ahead and beg. But I was done with this. I was tired of living in fear of the Trump bitches. They had terrorized the school, and I was determined my days of running and hiding from them were coming to an end right now. I shook my head and mumbled something anguished under my breath.

With an evil grin and a vain flip of her long blond hair, she leaned so far down her ear was nearly at my mouth. She laughed between gritted teeth. “What did you say? I don’t think I heard that.”

“I said, bite me,” I spat and turned my head towards her, sinking my teeth into her scrawny little neck.

She screamed and let go of my arm, trying to pull away. Chrissie let me go too, backing up enough that I could scoot my chair away from the table. I reached up with my once imprisoned arm and grabbed the slut by her hair, pulling her towards me. I bit down harder. I felt the tearing of her skin. I tasted blood in my mouth. It was pretty nasty and I spit it out, back onto her mauled neck. I let her go and shoved her away from me. She had dropped the jagged metal on the table top. I picked it up and pounced on top of her in an animalistic rage. She was holding her bloody neck with one hand and started to shriek at the top of her lungs, “Help! She’s killing me!”

I felt someone grab my arm and try to pull me off of her. It was Angela. “Don’t do it, Nora,” she begged, and managed to twist the metal shard out of my hand.

Something collided with my head. Kari had picked up one of the cafeteria chairs and hit me with it. The room spun and threatened to go black.

Amanda was still screaming her head off when I fell over, my head hitting the cold school floor. I could hear footsteps running towards us. Looking up, I discovered someone had finally come to save me, but with my fading vision I couldn’t tell who. I couldn’t even find the voice to declare they were too late. Through my hazy view I could see Angela, dumbfounded and maybe a little angry, looking at me as someone knelt by my side. Their features were a blur, but the concerned, worried look told me Haru had come to save me at last.

I closed my eyes, knowing I was safe now. He wrapped his protective arms around me and cradled my head to his chest. I could feel his heart beating against my ear, but it didn’t sound right. The beat was off slightly, sounding stronger than I remembered from our intimate times together. I managed to open up my good eye as he scooped me up and cradled my body to carry me away.

“Haru?” I asked.

He smiled. I could see his beautiful white teeth through the haze. His intense dark eyes. His long black hair with the purple streak through it. It wasn’t Haru. It was Ryo.

“Vampire Boys Of Summer” 2017, 2018 Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

Article about Amazon Books

The above article was pointed out to me, so I thought of sharing it. If you have books available for purchase through Amazon or you are considering publishing soon, this may be worth the read. If anything it may enlighten you to changes in how books get promoted and who is getting paid for your hard work. 

On a personal note, this is one of the reasons I abandoned most of my efforts to write for a living. It’s crazy out there for authors to make a buck. Though I’d love to be paid for my work, I have become content at the moment with just sharing my writing with those who like to read. On Amazon, you practically have to give books away to get readers anyway. Hopefully things will change in both the publishing world and my attitude about my place in it 😉

Rest In Peace Chris Cornell

No poetry today. No stories. Just devastation over the death of Chris Cornell, one of my favorite singers of the grunge era. We have lost so many of these amazing artists. Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), Layne Staley (Alice In Chains), Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots), Andrew Wood (Mother Love Bone), just to name a few off the top of my head. Adding Cornell to the list was unexpected, and like other fans I’m in shock. Today I won’t be writing . I’m too numb. Instead I will be listening to Chris’ bands, Soundgarden, Temple Of The Dog, and Audioslave, as well as his amazing solo work. For in the 90s he helped provide the soundtrack of my life and moved me on a deep, emotional level. Rest In Peace, Chris.

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If you could apologize to one of your characters, which one would it be and why? Do you think they would accept your apology or would they go nuts throwing heavy, breakable things at you?

Cole Winter, the lead character and narrator from “Advocate For The Dead.” I put him through every loss imaginable on his way to redemption. I’m not sure if he would apologize or not. That was a lot of abuse 😉

Which post and/or character are you most proud of?

This is like the impossible question as I am proud of a lot of my characters. Part of my storytelling process is changing characters. Bringing them to a point of redemption, forgiveness, or anything that will make them better than how they started. So, in that sense I have favorite characters in all that I write. As for a favorite post, I’m most recently proud of the final post for “Time Of Our Death”. Not only did it complete my 2016 NANOWRIMO project, but it was also very satisfying to me as a reader discovering my own story for the first time.

How would you describe your writing style?

First person, straight forward, as if I’m sitting amongst friends telling them something that happened to me.

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I have no idea, lol….more visits maybe 😉

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If someone even takes the time to comment , they are the best. I have some regular readers who comment on my writing and that helps propel me along in what I’m trying to do here. I take every compliment, praise, critique, or opinion as wonderful things. I just feel blessed that I get a comment at all. 🙂

Do you think your writing style has improved since you started blogging?

I would like to think so, but I’m the worse judge of my own work. Often I have written something I think is crappy and it turns out to be someone’s favorite part. But yes, I guess I do feel like I have gone through changes in my writing style. I just can’t pinpoint what they are. 

And, for the sheer random fun of it, if you had to be stranded on a deserted island with one of your characters, who would it be? And which one of your characters would you dread being stranded on a deserted island with?

Again, this is one of those difficult questions, despite it’s fun quality. I could pick characters from every story I’ve written to answer this , but I’ll try to get it narrowed down. Right now at this point in writing, Haru from “vampire boys of summer” would be my pick of who to be stranded with. He seems to be honorable and straight up, someone you could trust. Now, as for one I would dread to be stranded with. Definitely The Kaledioscope Killer from “Advocate For The Dead “