My writing discipline (or lack of)

So let’s start off with some basic things. Today I want to blog about my tools of the trade, my writing environment, ¬†and things that would be more or less interesting to those who are curious about the writing process. On the next blog we’ll move onto the meat of things- the writing and stories. After all, that is the purpose here, to share my stories in progress, whether they are random scenes or laid out in chapters, in hopes readers will find something of interest and possibly propel me to complete the various projects I have in the works.

I start off writing in an old school kind of way- pen and paper. I jot down notes, ideas, scenes, and dialogue at the most random of times, so I always carry a little notepad -the non electronic kind – with me. From there, and again at random times, I transfer my words to computer. I do prefer Microsoft Word, though it does have a wealth of tools I never use.

I don’t have a particular time of day or length of time in which I write, though that is a good discipline for writers who aspire to complete something for publication. But as for me, being a new first time Father I just write when I can.