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*Being a fan of anime/manga and a recent convert to the concept of the Japanese Light Novel, I thought I’d try my hand at creating my own serialized tale of growing up, first loves, and of course, vampires. My wife Heather has been invaluable in helping to flesh out characters and plot, so this is hers just as well as mine. We hope you enjoy this foray into modern young adult fantasy. Stay tuned, more to come.*


A vampire moved in next door to us this past summer. I knew he was a vamp right away because he was so unbelievably freaking hot. So hot it was almost unnatural. Kind of like those anime boys I watch online. You know the kind – so pretty most girls would throw themselves in traffic just to meet them. Perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect teeth, and beautifully bare chested through half the episode. Of course, I should mention that these boys usually hook up with perfect anime girls with cutesy faces, girly voices, and breasts so large you could carry your lunch tray on them. I was none of these, and so I took one look at the vampire boy who was standing on his front porch looking up at the lonely night and said, “yeah, whatever.” Then, I returned to the manga book I had been reading before I noticed him. Ironically, it just happened to be about vampires…

It was hard to concentrate on the book. Once you have seen a vampire they kind of stick in your head, even if you didn’t get a good look at them. With my face buried in the manga’s cute illustrations, I tried not to think of that shadowy figure out there on his porch, but I kept looking up at my window, wondering if I was going to see him hovering outside the glass, saying “come on, invite me in.” I had never had a boy in my bedroom before and I certainly wasn’t going to start with some guy with sharp teeth and a lust for blood.

I was looking back down at the book when I heard the scratching on the glass. I looked up to see something raking across the window. It seemed a fog had descended on our valley and it was all swirling outside my window. I got up from my bed and stepped quietly to look out. Cautiously taking a peek, something scraped the window again. To my surprise, or perhaps disappointment, it was nothing but my cat Sissy trying to get in after a night on the prowl.

I sighed, “Oh, it’s you,” and opened the window to let her in. She came in easily enough, but looking past her I saw him again. It looked like he hadn’t even moved. He was still staring up into the night sky, and against this backdrop I noticed a few things about him.

First, he was thin and pale unlike the boys at my school, who all seemed to think they were the coolest thing since Nutella. Half of them seemed more interested in showing off their muscles to each other more than the girls who made fools of themselves chasing after them. But this boy was no football star in the making; physique wise he had more in common with the library nerds or science geeks.

Second thing I noticed was that his hair was blond and uncombed. Again, this set him apart from over half the people I knew. Everyone at Chelsea Valley High seemed obsessed with the whole goth look, meaning they all dyed their hair black. Last year, the wrestling team all dyed their hair because they thought it made them look meaner. They still lost. Hair may not make the man, but this vampire boy must not have known this because it sure made him more arresting to the eye.

The final thing I noticed about him while he stood there was that he wasn’t from around here. He looked Asian, probably Japanese. And since there was no Japanese community in Chelsea Valley, this made him the only Asian for miles and miles. Normally, around about this time, my mind would have been screaming, “Girl, you have a hot blond Asian guy living next door! Get busy!” That didn’t happen this time because no matter how you cut it I knew he was a vampire and I was going to have to kill him.

6 thoughts on “The Vampire Boys Of Summer: Prologue”

  1. I’m already impressed with the narration of this piece. She’s convincing as a high school girl. I think I was so caught up in her musings that I somehow missed the line about the dyed hair of the wrestling team, so I’m glad it was pointed out above, because it really was quite amusing. The one tiny thing that caught my eye was the use of blonde. You want blond, the adjective for hair color. Blonde is a noun to refer to a woman with blond hair. Like, his heart stopped when the blonde entered the room. There’s a bit more to it, some sources acknowledge blonde as an adjective for women or girls, but the above is easier to remember and is correct. A lot of people use them interchangeably. It’s just one of those random trivia that sticks in my brain. The last line caught me off guard, and I loved it. I guess I was lulled in by the description and forgot that we were talking about vampires after all.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and your observations. I have to admit, the blonde vs blond I never thought about before, but I agree with you. I’m going to try and go back through these reedited chaps this morning and find the instances to correct 🙂 If you read further and happen to run across anymore please let me know. Always helpful to have as much eyes as possible on things 😉

      On the narration, I thank you. This was always a huge concern to me, making her sound at least somewhat believable. I bounced her voice, character, and indeed many elements of this story, off my wife so she could help it sound authenticate. This whole story has been challenging for me because I feel I am writing out of my element in so many ways. So it makes me happy to see readers enjoy it from the beginning . Thanks again 🙂

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  2. It seems that the time and effort you and your wife spent on the voice and character are both effective and noticeable already and I’m only on the prologue. I look forward to reading more. Hopefully I don’t read too many chapters today, because that will mean I’m not editing. Just saying that reminded me it’s a snowy day here, and it would be so much more fun to spend it reading.

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    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad it works. 🙂 Yeah, you need to keep on own your work and editing. It sometimes gets tough to balance reading and writing, especially when you are immersed in a large project. But hey, this story will be here waiting when you have down time 🙂

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