Blood Red Passion: For Liliana 

Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong here

In this great big emptiness of me,    

 And all I want to do is run to you,

To melt into your touch,

Where I am the safest

And most loved that I have ever been.
If I could wrap my body around you,
Sink into your youthful warmth,

I know the world would begin spinning

And we would clutch and cry,

And tremble and shake,

Holding on for dear life so we can’t be

Thrown from this maddening spin.
And it’s then I want to scream

In the penultimate expression of joy,

Your name, my name, to the heavens,

Not carved into a tree,

But into our whole realm of existence,

And we’ll be as stars glowing in the night sky,

The one star completely whole

That everyone wishes upon

When they pray for love.
When I’m with you we are deities,

Grander than vampires,

Everlasting, forever eternal,

Intimate with the night and with each other

Until the dawn comes.
And when we awake,

still we lucidly dream,

To bask in the sun,

Run through the day,

Lie in the tall grass

and make love,

with our clothes beneath us,

The trees above us,

And the truest of loves inside us 


By Paul D Aronson.

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