Blood Red Passion: More Than Mortal

​Often I have thought this,

should I await her to come to me

or just sit here in dread anticipation

of the morning sun? 
I foolishly believed that with this power

Would come the perfection of love,

but I will always be imperfect;

immortality changes nothing. 
I could give her the very world,

every joy, every pleasure, every dream,

and yet it still won’t change what I am –

a monster in her eyes.
I shouldn’t have told her how I felt

or of my dreams and nightmares,

never should have showed her the thirst

that even I cannot quench.
But still here I am in want,

desiring her so, needing her to want me,

not because I’m a vampire,

but because she loves me

more than mortal life itself.

By Paul D Aronson.

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