Blood Red Passion : Poetry & Verse For Vampires & Lovers (Foreword) 


The following pages were passed on to me by a troubled gentleman, Peter Marsh, who had spent much of his life as the caretaker of Red Gate Cemetery, an old graveyard in the oldest corner of the city that served as the final resting place of notable local figures, most importantly, the poet Nikolai, and his beloved wife, The lady Liliana. Mr. Marsh was convinced in his feeble aging mind that the pair were once star-crossed lovers who were cursed by Gypsies to be vampires. The validity of such an outrageous claim is in question, despite the fact that when I checked their burial vault (which he had bought and paid for) in the old mausoleum I found nothing there, not even a coffin. When I confronted Peter with this he just smiled and handed me these pages, supposedly written by Nicolai, the poet vampire. To Peter this is proof of their existence. To others, it may just be proof he is lonely, mad and delusional. To me however, I think it means they are still out there somewhere, restless lovers seeking their peace and place in the world. I present these pages and the poetry and prose contained within to you as fact, but take from it what you will. Truth, after all is stranger than fiction…

Paul D. Aronson

April 13, 2016

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