Blood Red Passion: Die For I

“I would die without you,” she said,

and I wanted to confess I already had,

But how do you tell someone you absolutely adore

the complete truth of you,

when you’re not even sure

who you are,

only who you once were.

“I would give you my soul,” she said,

if you would just take me

any way you want into your embrace,

and all I could think of in that instant

was not drifting souls,

or beating hearts,

but throbbing veins

and the rush of blood flowing through them.

“I would die so willingly for you,” she said,

And so she did just that,

leaving behind all that she was

and all that she would ever be

for a blood red passion

and an insatiable drowning of the soul,

for an eternity of love,

without limits

and without end.

By Paul D Aronson.


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