Blood Red Passion: The Passion  Of The Vampire

​The morning sun arises

as she buries her face against my shoulder,

wrapping her frame around me

so I will not dissipate like smoke

or some hazy dream.

Last night she said she dreamed me,

And I wonder if I ever existed

until that moment she found me,

cold, shivering, and naked

out in the snow.

I still find it amazing,

an instance of absolute bravery,

that she would take me

and hold me to her breast,

allowing her scent to entice me.

I didn’t want to drink of the angel

but she offered herself willingly,

so as my fingers traced a favorite curve,

I bit… I sipped… I drank…

Tasting the very essence of her.

You of the mortal world will never understand

the passion of the vampire,

the overwhelming intensity of desire

that makes us the creatures we are,

walking the line between darkness and light

straight into the purity of

unyielding… undying… uncomparable love.

By Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved. 


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