Blood Red Passion: Do Vampires Dream?

“Do vampires dream?”

For hours I have watched you sleeping,

the quiet flickering of your eyelids

makes me wish I could be there,

behind those eyes within your dream,

walking through Gothic cathedrals,

waltzing through Parisian courtyards,

making love to you in the silence

of your favorite cemetery.

But I wonder what do vampires really dream?

Do they dream of rising suns

and walking through a summer glade?

or are their dreams just like ours,

to be loved and wanted above all others,

to find that one special person

that makes them feel alive as never before?

And I ponder this one thought,

do you love me or am I just a companion

to make you feel not so alone,

why won’t you turn me?

why won’t you make me as you?

and take me with you down through the ages,

a perfect couple for mortals to fear,

and for us to experience every pleasure

under the cover of the calling night.

For hours I watched you sleeping,

and I want nothing more than your kiss

on my neck, drinking me in,

and making me a mirror image of you;

such beauty and darkness,

wrapped up in cold flesh, warm blood,

and the uncompromising will

to love with fervor and intensity forever…

By Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.


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