Strange Days Indeed: About

As a writer, I find myself toying with different kinds of fiction and poetry. I love to explore unique themes, or at least ones that are unique to my normal fare. If I had to classify my writing , I’d say  I lean more towards vampires and ghosts, but I also like to indulge myself in cozy romance, humor, and every now and then, some sci-f or fantasy adventure. It is a bit of the latter that I now find myself assembling into a collection I call, Strange Days Indeed. 

Within the confines of this collection, I  hope to assemble all my “odd” writings that just don’t fit in elsewhere. Weird, bizarre, speculative perhaps, but definitely not my usual thing. Still, I hope maybe you’ll find something you can sink your teeth into for a brief moment. 

I’ll be posting these stories, and some poems, in random fashion, as I’m digging into my back catalogue of writing notebooks to see what oddities I can find . My main focus at the moment is the “Vampire Boys” serial, and the vampire themed poetry chapbook, “Blood Red Passion”, but I thought I’d throw some of these your way, too. Hope you don’t mind the distraction…

See you soon and happy hauntings, my friends…

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