Blood Red Passion: My Crimson Love

​My Crimson Love”

Sometimes I hate this lonely existence,
though my solitude has its merits;
I can hear the silence of darkness,
what beautiful music it makes.
While the others are busy talking,
I listen to the things they won’t hear;
The passing tick-tock-tick of time
that affects all around us…except me.

I have heard the inner voices
that people speak when they’re alone,
and I have acted on their thoughts
when they merely wished they could.
The greatest sadness is fantasizing,
and never having the will to pursue it,
like the life pursues the blood,
and the blood pursueth me.

Cast any look in the mirror,
tell me what it is you see;
a pale reflection perhaps
of who you could be if you wanted.
I don’t worry about the mirror,
I have cast useless vanity aside,
and become beautiful in my mind,
for that’s where it begins, as a thought.

My thoughts once called out,
and were received by a shadow,
from whom all earthly light had fled,
and darkness had embraced like a brother.
sweet sister, please do not cry,
for I am nothing as I was,
and the curse that had lain hold of me
is now my blessing to give to you.

Come to me and let me show you,
what lies behind the veil,
remove all inhibitions and worries,
for now I will show you the gift,
of surrender, renewal, temptation,
tasted from these ruby lips;
bare your skin to me that I may drink,
and return to you my crimson love.

By Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.


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