Scenes From A Vanishing Snowscape


“Scenes From A Vanishing Snowscape”

White snow blackened by exhaust,
Automobiles painted with dirty remnants
Of what used to be beautiful
When it first fell.

Half melted men stand in front yards,
Button eyes and tree limb arms falling
Into patches of ice and dirt
On bloodless battlefields.

And the young soldiers cry,
Their hard packed ammunition run out,
While their mothers soothe them
With hot chocolate and cookies.

A girl of fifteen winter dances
Madly across the drifting snow,
Stomping out the name of a boy
She’d written there yesterday.

While a boy helplessly in love
Makes her snow cones
Sprinkled with sugar coated hearts,
Saying “kiss me’ and “I’m sorry”.

And somewhere shoveling snow,
A lonely man wonders
Which thaws the quickest,
The cold ice or his colder heart.

While watching him at her window,
A woman smiles wistful,
Wondering if today is the day
To tell him she melts in his presence.

A heart drawn on steamed window,
She returns to the kitchen,
And the husband she no longer knows
As the one she’d married.

A radio announces the report,
Sunny skies forecast today;
Soon the snow will be gone,
Hearts in winter will find the sun again…

By Paul D Aronson. 2002. All Rights Reserved


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