From The Moon To The Sea

“From Moon To Sea”
We drove from the moon to the sea

To watch the stars dance on the waves

The lullaby of the nighttime sang

From the depths and the ocean caves
It called for us to join the few

The children of the sea

swim with us in the dark and deep

Until loves comes to rescue thee
We waded in the waters two by two

Some were holding hands

And the breeze billowed through our hair

As our feet sank in the sand
The tide came in as warm as tears

And took us all out to be

Bathed by the frothy foam and spray

Washed clean by the sea
When we returned to the shore

I found I was holding your hand

While the darkness that had marred the soul

Lay washed up on the sand
And we thanked the path of the stars

For leading us here like this

To experience the healing of the night

Within the ocean’s kiss
Poem by Paul D Aronson.

Photographer / artist: Unknown 

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