She Smiles

“She Smiles”

She smiles and it’s beautiful

The warmth that spreads across her face

Filling her cheeks with color

Her eyes with sparkling diamonds of love

The luminescent glow overtakes her

Spreading outward from her face and form

To affect everyone who chances upon her

And the world seems likes such a better place

As if hope has been released from her prison

To dance with sister faith down every lane

To every soul, every heart that dreams

I pass her by on a late summer’s day

The light from her eyes catching my own

And suddenly I am changed in an instant

Nevermore weighed down by sadness

Or burdened by shame’s infectious sorrow

But liberated and let go from the darkness

To stand in her light without shadow

To watch her dreams wash all over me

Bathing me in something new I’ve not felt before

For you see, she smiles and it’s beautiful

And I am beautiful

Just by being this close to love
Poem and photograph by Paul D Aronson.

Model: Heather Aronson. 


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