The moon shone down on the lovers

And we watched them, enrapt

Remembering the best joy of living

Was finding another just like ourselves.

The man touched her face

And we held our non-existent breaths

We closed our eyes just as she did

And longed to lean into a lover’s embrace

We sighed as she nestled in his arms

Trying to fight her true emotions

And we wanted to tell her

Not to deny herself of love.

And as he kissed her neck so lovingly

Breathed softly at her ear

We remembered our own lives

Wasted away for nothing.

Oh love, oh sweet breath of love

How we wished at that moment

To just say close your eyes and love

For there may be no tomorrow.

But they know this

They have been here

Just as we have been here

And maybe once long ago

It was them who watched us

Wishing to be free from death

Alive and in love again.

Poem by Paul D Aronson.


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