In the beginning, there was “Orchard House”

When I first started this blog, one of my intents was to share a novel I had written called, “Orchard House & The Heart Of Everything”. I was really proud of the process and end result of the project, and I tried to think of a way to share it with the most readers as possible. I didn’t really want to fight to get a piece of the publishing pie, or have it languish unread in a drawer on my writing desk, so I thought the best way was sharing it chapter by chapter in a blog. I have to admit I was a little naive and just assumed people would flock to read my novel, which of course, did not happen. I had less than a dozen followers, the posted chapters were too long for a blog entry, and I broke up the chapters with writing notes, which kind of took readers away from the story I wanted them to read. 

So, I’m looking back on the novel, and trying to find a way to get this out there and read. I’m thinking, maybe still a little naive, I have more followers now, I know my way around WordPress a little better, and I really believe in this story. Why not give it another shot and see if it does a little better this time? This time however, no story notes to distract readers from the tale, and no lengthy chapters to wade through. What I came up with is this: a serialized novel, in which a new part will be posted every day. They will be posted every morning between 8am and 10am eastern standard time. If I miss a day, I’ll double up next time. Also, each part will be 2000 words or under, to keep the post concise and hopefully easier to read. If you’re like me, sometimes time is tight and a shorter blog will get read quicker than a lengthy one. By breaking up the chapters, and making them shorter, I hope you will join me and take a chance on reading this novel.

So, what is “Orchard House” exactly? This novel tells the story of a jilted groom and a young woman seeking her estranged father who end up renting the same vacation farmhouse. While she seeks her father, and he seeks his solace, they find themselves drawn together by their circumstances and fate. I would call it a southern romantic drama, with a dash of sweet , a little bit of sexy, and several interconnected storylines. Again, I hope you will join me as I prepare this ongoing daily series. Much thanks to everyone who has already made this blog more of a success than I thought it would be. See you in the AM tomorrow, when I’ll be posting the first serial chapter of “Orchard House.” I hope you’ll fall in love with the place as much as I have πŸ™‚


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