Dragon Lake

Follow me to Dragon Lake

the princess waits in gold,

come down from your craggy heights

oh hermit, reknown of old,

a cloak of fairies guide the way

through the woods that part

to the place where she bathes

her lonely broken heart.
You loved her once long ago

when the world seemed young

rubies fell with the rain

and the first love song was sung,

The dragons danced around the shore

heating the lake with flame

and two lovers in the water warmth

whispered each other’s names.
But when evil wizards did conspire

and alchemy took the night

to split asunder all that’s good

and banish away the light,

dragons fled the lover’s lake

and thus you were exposed

before the blackest jealous heart

that withered where it goes.
Spellcast you were to fall asleep

while others took your form

to masquerade and corrupt

the princess that fateful morn,

though she looked with her eyes

all that she saw was you

and her very heart was blinded thus

as they lay into the dew.
The pure of heart sleeps not in spell

and with that you did awake

to find your love, your only love

in the arms of the hero fake,

No explanation was needed then

it was all so plain to see

never trust a princess

“you never cared for me”.
Into the clouds and the heights

you climbed the mountaintop

to rid your heart of the pain

and make the memories stop,

while far below on the lakeshore

veils of disguise disappeared 

revealing to your princess love

she held another near.
Wizards will disrupt young love

that beats within the heart

and she realized this too late

look not with eyes to impart.

and so now she bathes all alone

lamenting what she has done

wishing you’d return to the place

where you and she were one.
Serpents may have left the land

but the flame they brought still burns

The magi were banished long ago

and the lonely heart still yearns.

So come down from your craggy heights

oh hermit, renown of old,

Follow me to dragon lake

where your princess waits in gold. 


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