Love Everyone, man…

Before I started working on “Paul Writes” again a couple months back, I was doing a Hippie kind of blog to try and promote the lofty idea of loving everyone. I can’t decide if I want to continue with that blog, so I thought I’d guest post it here to see if anyone is interested in this kind of thing. Love you guys!

Neo Hippie Me

Like the header on the blog implies, every one is welcome here and all are safe. I don’t care what walk of life you come from or how far down the path you have come, you are my brother or sister. It doesn’t matter your race, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or whatever other tag Society can place on you to make you feel different, here in the hippie world we are all the same and are all equals.

It took me some time to understand that. Before getting in touch with the real me, the person I always wanted to be, I believed in a different style of equality, and it’s the same one society seems to encourage. Equal, but separate. Equal, until I don’t agree with you. And that is not the way to be, peeps. We have to look at everyone with open eyes. No preconceived notions…

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3 thoughts on “Love Everyone, man…”

  1. I think your’re right we are all equals… at some point! I must say that at my age now I do hate some people, not beause of religion or race or wahtsoever, no, I hate people who are selfish and have no mercy, people that help you jump into the abyss, that kind of peole deserves no love! But this is me, I’ve been through a lot. I must add though that the world lack love and it seem that there’s too much hatred, I think that it would be nice a blog like yours.

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    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts. I agree there is a lack of love within the world today. Everyone is busy hating anyone who is not like them, and I try hard to love everyone, I really do. Sometimes it’s very hard, because of people who are mean spirited, close minded, or otherwise trying to make everyone into carbon copies of themselves. Still, in my world, the philosophy of loving everyone is something to constantly work on. Again, thanks for reading and comments 🙂

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