80’s music and Hippie living

The title of this post fits me perfect, and as such, i have other blogs devoted to it. 

For, 80’s pop and rock music videos, check out

Ultimate 80’s Videos

The blog has been sitting quiet for 6 months, but if you are into that era i would love to see you drop by for a visit or follow me. It’s basically pop music videos with a little bit of background info related to it. A nostalgic way to spend an extra five minutes 🙂 
Now, if the much earlier era of the 60’s is your thing instead, maybe you’ll like another of my blogs, Neo Hippie Me. It’s part personal commentary, part nostalgia, part bohemian creed, and all about loving everyone. Right now, some of the posts are things like boho wedding playlist, the indian festival Holi, and some pro vegetarian posts. Click the link below if you want to check it out. 

Neo Hippie Me

Okay,  so that’s it right now. Hope you’ll go check these other blogs out and follow them if it’s your thing or sparks your interest. If anything, it might let you know a little bit more about me, as i continue to bring you my writing here on this blog. 

As my sign off on Neo Hippie Me usually goes…. Be groovy 🙂 


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