Kristen’s Lullaby

Note: many years ago when I first started writing poetry online, I received a request to write a poem for a new born baby girl. The poem below was the product of that request. I was informed the poem ended up in a frame over the child’s crib. It was such an honor for me as a writer just beginning to share his work, and I have often wondered where the child and her parents were now. Hope they are well with angels still watching over them. 

“Kristen’s Lullaby”
Hush now my little child

There’s no need to weep,

I will watch over you

in your bedroom as you sleep;

Mother loves you baby

and Heaven loves you too,

Both day and night fade away

but my light will shine on you.
Beneath the shelter of my wings

beneath my halo bright,

no harm can come to you my child

for I’m with you every night;

and though you may never see me

still I am here,

maybe sitting by your bedside

or just hovering near.
But the real angels in this life

are not I, no not I,

maybe a stranger’s prayer

or the gleam in your mother’s eye;

so remember this for always

that when you lay to sleep,

an angel is always close

for your dreams to softly keep.

© 2002 Paul D. Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

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