NaNoWriMo 2016 Prep: Day 3

Today as part of my preparations for National Novel Writing Month, I’m continuing on my outline. My outlines are quite bare with just the basic plot elements. For me, it’s designed to keep me on track with what I want to happen in the course of the story, and what has already gone on before. As writer, I find myself in danger of retelling things, thoughts, or dialogue that has already happened, so this helps keep me in line with my story chronologically. As I related yesterday, I don’t create an outline for the entire story, but just the first few chapters to get me going. I will sometimes add to the outline as I’m writing the actual body of the story, but that’s only so I know what needs to come next. 
Over the summer, I made an impulse purchase and got from Amazon a novel planner. I usually don’t use such things but at the time I thought it would be neat to have. I got it and then promptly set it aside. It would have gathered dust if not for NaNoWriMo, because when I decided to do this I was just going to get me a notebook and jot down a few notes. The Novel Planner winked at me however, and so today I will be using it a little more to get my thoughts and ideas in order, along with daily and weekly goals. 
I have to admit I’m getting a little nervous, telling myself it’s all going to be a fail. It’s that inner pessimism that gets me sometimes and causes me to abandon projects. I’m trying hard to be positive and tell myself that I can do this. After all, I just finished posting a complete novel on my blog in about a month and a half. I posted every day with a two hour window, and I only missed it twice. Of course, the novel was already written, just needed editing as I went along, so it’s not like writing fresh material every day, but I’m hoping the daily posting habits I’ve created will come in handy keeping me on course.
So, anyway, here we go with day three prep…
Write on 😉

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