NaNoWriMo 2016 Prep Day 5: Index Cards

Yesterday was spent a little more leisurely as far as prep goes. Most of it was spent shuffling what I had of my outline so far. Often when ideas come they are not always in chronological order. Various scenes will pop into my head, maybe snippets of dialogue, but many times they are out of place. So in addition to jotting down a brief outline in my novel planner, I began to create an index card outline as well. 

The index card outline comes in handy when actually writing. I’ve used the method before to keep events in the tale straight. I should use it a lot more because it can be invaluable when you story becomes more involved. So, yesterday I began organizing ideas onto the index cards. During the writing process beginning Nov 1, I can then easily shuffle my ideas around, using the cards like puzzle pieces to rearrange the plot sequence as I write. That way I can make sure to include my earliest ideas, that otherwise get forgotten in the act of writing. 
For this competition, one thing I want to remember is not to accidentally abandon a concept or plot device. Many times when writing, I’ll get half way though a project and then realize I had left out an idea I had, only to try and go back and work it in. Because speed is of the essence in NaNoWriMo, there won’t be time for those kind of gaffes, and so I’m hoping the index card outline will help with that. While I know we aren’t supposed to focus on editing, and instead just write, I still want to keep the story concise enough to share it with my readers and followers who may be out there supporting me on this competition.
So today, i will continue to think about my story. Things I want to happen, perhaps minor characters to use, or locations for different plot lines. When plotting out a story in an outline form I still like to think of locations. From people’s house to businesses to outdoor recreation I try to amass a list of locations to use. Often just having a location causes events to fall into place for me. I will also think a little more of my timeline. Because my story will take place at a specific time in a past calendar year, I’ll research that by seeking out an actual calendar from then to keep my days straight. Other than that, I’m going to just tune out on some music and try to keep thinking about the story as I count down the days to begin writing.
Wish me luck, we are only days away now 😉


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