Advocate For The Dead Opening Theme

If you are familiar with my writing habits, you know I create playlists and soundtracks for my stories. These are designed to help pump me up for what I’m writing, and to help illustrate the story in some small way. Sometimes the songs in my playlists get referenced in my chapters , other times no one but myself is aware of their influence. So, as I have been compiling the rock and roll soundtrack for Advocate For The Dead, choosing songs by artists like Alter Bridge, Daughtry, and other modern rock acts, I came across a very cinematic track by Midnight Syndicate that I thought would make a great instrumental theme if my story were a movie. I play this song every time I get ready to go over another chapter for its second draft. If you like horror or Halloween themed music , you can’t go wrong with Midnight Syndicate, so check out the song  I selected below and have a listen. ..



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