Write a scary scene in 250 words or less.

*Today I thought I would throw this challenge out there. You don’t have to base what you write on the picture, just try to put something suspenseful, tense, and/or scary into words. You can add your entry into the comments, or provide a link to where we can read what you came up with. Feel free to reblog as well, if you like. The idea here is just to have some creepy fun with a limited set of words. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy. Here’s my attempt at it….*

The hair in the sink wasn’t mine. Mine was brown. These thin strands were bright yellow blond. They seemed to be clogging the kitchen drain and I had to wonder if perhaps this had come from somewhere else in the building. I had no idea how the pipes were connected in the place, whether they linked to other sinks or not, so I just shrugged it off, and began to clear the drain. 

I pulled on the strands, which seemed to be exceptionally long, and as they came out of the pipe they seemed to grow thicker and more luxurious. These were not pieces discarded from a haircut, this was a whole head of hair coming up through the sink, as if I were pulling wire through a conduit. I kept bringing the stuff out of the drain, they yellow blond of it now turning a color somewhere between dingy brown and rust red. 
There was a light thud and I couldn’t pull anymore. The hair was hung up somewhere down in the pipes and I leaned my face down to the drain opening to get a closer look. Through the tangled, messy strands I saw something in there. Something white. And an orb of blue. It was an eye. It blinked. I screamed. And the apartment came alive with terror. 

By Paul D Aronson.


10 thoughts on “Write a scary scene in 250 words or less.”

  1. The idiots came again.

    They come every year with their strange devices, their loud voices, and their annoying questions.

    I don’t like them. They don’t seem to understand that I am not interested in playing their parlor games. All I want to do is stand here in my corner in my fine black dress and mourn my losses. I will admit that isn’t a fun occupation, but it is all I can do.

    If I could answer their questions, I would. If only to make them run away.

    I suspect they wouldn’t run away.

    They would become over-excited and invite their friends and pester me into performing for them again. And THAT is something I will not do.

    I will wait them out.

    They will leave as they always do, speaking of cold spots and dark energy and other such rot.

    None of them will see me standing here.

    Standing here in my corner in my fine black dress.

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  2. This was creepy! And I could totally see this as a short story in a horror movie, mostly like those old “Tales from the Crypt,” or the other stories they had in the 80s. I think the Masters of Horror TV show would even do something like this. It’s also soooo relatable with pulling hair out of the sink. Awesome work!

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    1. Thank you so much, my friend. I think the influence or inspiration behind this was part Japanese horror films and part Tales From The Crypt, so I’m glad it evoked that image with you. I feel that I have trouble conveying a complete scene with just a few sentences, so things like this are often challenging. Thanks for reading and taking the time to offer a comment 🙂

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  3. I just couldn’t resist. 😆


    The macabre items lining the bedroom walls didn’t creep Pete out all that much. As a matter of fact, he had seen worse at the local Halloween store.

    He wasn’t even all that disturbed by the fact that every item had eyes. Eyes that stared. Eyes that seemed to move when you weren’t watching. Even the clock had one solitary eye in the middle of its face.

    No. None of that bothered him.

    What bothered him was the thought.

    The possibility that there were unseen items with their unseen eyes watching him…that’s what undid him. He could feel them peeking around the clock’s corners. He could sense their stares coming from inside the black depths of the pumpkin. He could almost see their rippled reflections as they darted into the shadows behind the glass jars.

    “What are you? Who are you? Come out whatever you are! Let me see you! Let me see you!”


    Even now, as he sits in his corner with his arms tightly secured, he can almost see them.

    “Come out! Whatever you are! Let me see you! LET ME SEE YOU!”

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    1. I thought I had responded to this post earlier, but looks like I’m slipping in my memory. Put it down to age, lol. Speaking of age, this piece you wrote has an old feel to it. It reminds me of the horror comic books my older brother used to have when we were kids. Unsettling and eerie, they always left me feeling creeped out and afraid of the dark. Your piece reminds me of those excellent tales. Great job! Thanks for not resisting the pull to write 😉


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