Piano (flash fiction, free write, whatever….)

The piano sits silent. I can’t bring myself to touch the keys, to place nimble fingers on the black and white and produce the smallest measure. I am empty, devoid of music and sound, preferring this, the beauty of the vacuum left behind by my melancholic spirit. I am but the husk of an artist, bewildered by the absence of inspirational thought, or the motivation to create something from the nothing. I long to see the notes again within my mind’s eye, fearing it is now lost, cast out into the void to be found by someone else, who will make more of it than I ever did. The hall is unoccupied, the applause a memory. The piano sits silent. Alone. 
Paul D Aronson July 2017


6 thoughts on “Piano (flash fiction, free write, whatever….)”

  1. This almost had me in tears. I kept thinking about an artist that stop playing music, and they were standing in the concert hall, staring into the darkness. Once they were finished gazing at the empty chairs, they turned their eyes to the paino, and a small tear ran down their cheek.


  2. Lovely flash fiction, Paul. Having been a musician once, and a writer now, I saw the parallels in creating something from nothing in both worlds, and the hole that’s left when you can’t create something new. Of course, in my case, being a musician satisfied my need to be creative until I found the time and place in my life to write. Well done. Beautifully melancholic.

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    1. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed this piece. It’s strange how this came out of a feeling of not feeling creative. Weird how that works. Thanks for always commenting on my work. Greatly appreciated as always.

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  3. “…cast out into the void to be found by someone else, who will make more of it than I ever did.” Such a wonderfully melancholy line and one that all creative people can relate to at some point in their lives. 🙂

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