Resurrection Diaries Entry 4: First Day Of Work

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Entry 4: First Day Of Work: Thursday July 14

My First day on the job. I went over to the church around 7 AM. Larter was already there and waiting. He must be an early riser. Started off sweeping floors. I can tell I am going to need to come up with a cleaning schedule as big as this place is. It seems I could sweep all day long and never finish. Good thing Larter gave me that map. You could get lost going to the bathroom around here.

People moved in and out of the church all day. Some came in to pray, others to meet with church elders. I thought children must have been playing upstairs, for I heard their footsteps running across the floor above me, but when I went to check, no one was there. I guess something like rowdy kids running around is to be expected when the church is open.

Despite that distraction, the church is pretty quiet. I ran the vacuum cleaner in the sanctuary, a vast auditorium where the main church services are held, and it seemed so loud, almost deafening. When I shut it off, I could nearly hear its echo.

I went home for lunch and noticed the dog from the other day was on the porch again. He was just standing there, silent, almost like a sentry on guard. “Shoo,” I said and waved my hand. He bounded off the porch and took off, running playfully across the parking lot, as if I’d just told him to go chase a cat or something. I shook my head and went inside. Donna was scrubbing the kitchen floor. I greeted her with a kiss and told her I chased off the mutt again.

“Maybe he’s got a crush on you,” I told her.

“I don’t need any dogs,” she replied. “I have my prince.”

I couldn’t help but smile.

I went back over to the church later and finished up the day cleaning the bathrooms. Larter came by and gave me a set of keys on a ring. They were all labeled: Front Door, Library, Kitchen, Side Entrances, Custodian Closet, Back Door, Cellar. I kind of wondered why they need a locked door to the cellar. Or why they even needed a cellar at all. I’ll have to ask Larter sometime or maybe just check it out myself.

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“Resurrection Diaries” by Paul D Aronson.

Original text copyright 2007.


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