Resurrection Diaries Entry 6: Waitress Beatrice

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Entry 6: Waitress Beatrice: Saturday July 16

Donna and I went downtown today. Resurrection church is in a small neighborhood about a ten minute drive from the heart of Kingston Corners.

The downtown area itself is nice, almost like a picture postcard of small town life. It’s not exactly the kind of place where everybody knows everybody, but the people do behave friendly and familiar as if they’ve known you their whole lives.

In the shops, Donna bought a few things for the kitchen, as well as a picture frame to put a collage of photos in. “Now we’ll just have to take some pictures,” she laughed.

“We’ll have to get us a camera first,” I added with a smirk.

At the hardware store we picked up a light for our outside porch. There’s one there already, mounted right by the front door, but it gives off little light. This one should shine out in the yard. Donna spent about half an hour agonizing over which shade of baby blue she wanted for our back room. Finally she selected something called “angel blue”. I told her that sounded appropriate considering the wallpaper we were replacing.

“I could always paint it devil red if you prefer.”

“Angel blue is fine,” I grinned.

We ate at a nearby diner for lunch. A place called “The Counter”. It’s appropriately named for it’s really nothing more than a lunch counter and a few booths, but the food is excellent. The waitress asked us if we were new in town.

“Is it that obvious?” I asked. I went on to tell her I worked at The Church Of The Resurrection and asked her if she’d heard of the place. She nodded.

“Everyone’s heard of Resurrection Church,” she spoke a little softer.

“Why?” asked Donna. “Is it the only church in town?”

“Oh no, There’s several churches around.” She paused for a moment as if choosing her next words cautiously. “But you be careful up there.” Then she walked off leaving us confused and curious.

Before we left, I approached the waitress again. I looked at her name tag. “Excuse me Beatrice, what did you mean about being careful up there?”

She gave me a sideways glance, as if she was checking to see if we were being watched.

“Bad things have happened at The Resurrection,” she replied.

“What kind of things?”

“I can’t rightly say. There’s been so many stories over the years, I don’t know what’s true and what is talk. Just be careful, sir.”

No matter how I tried to coax her, she wouldn’t give me any details. All this unnerved Donna quite a bit and we discussed it on the way home. In the end, I convinced her not to worry.

“It’s just small town gossip, nothing more,” I reasoned.

“I hope so. I really want this to work for us.”

“It will.”

Still I wonder what the stories were Beatrice had mentioned. She had said to be careful. What could be so dangerous about a church?

+ + + + + + + + +

“Resurrection Diaries” by Paul D Aronson.

Origina text copyright 2007.

10th Anniversary Edition 2017.


3 thoughts on “Resurrection Diaries Entry 6: Waitress Beatrice”

  1. “ well as a picture frame to put a collage of photos in. “Now we’ll just have to take some pictures,” she laughed.
    “We’ll have to get us a camera first,” I added with a smirk.” That whole exchange made me smile.

    The scene with the waitress was very well played out, with just the right amount of uncertainty and mystery.

    Liked by 1 person

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