Resurrection Diaries Entry 10: Kids Again

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Entry 10: Kids Again: Wednesday July 20

The dog is back. Saw him this morning lying in the front yard, sprawled out in the sun. That must be the life, just lying around and not worrying about anything.

The workday was okay. I spent much of the day pulling poison ivy off the outside walls. This stuff almost seems to have a life of its own. Donna would have gotten on me if she’d known I was pulling the stuff down without gloves on.

I called Mrs. Shiflett at lunchtime. Didn’t get to speak to her directly. I talked to her assistant, a Miss Merle. She said Mrs. Shiflett rarely received visitors, but when I explained who I was and what I wanted to talk about, she told me to hold on. Momentarily she got back on the line and said, “Mrs. Shiflett will see you tomorrow at seven.”

The kids returned again this afternoon, too. I guess I should have been expecting it, but it caught me by surprise when I heard their scampering feet upstairs. I took off like a shot and ran up the staircase. Just like before, as I reached the top, they were just rounding the corner. I was closer this time and got a good look at them.

They weren’t young children as I earlier assumed. The boy had dark hair, and was a teenager of about sixteen or seventeen, judging from his size. He was a big fellow, wearing a Sunday suit that looked like he’d outgrown it long ago. I didn’t get a good look at his face because he was happily in pursuit of the girl. She was wearing a yellow Sunday dress, kind of like the ones you see the young ladies wearing at Easter. She had long blonde hair, and judging by what I could see of her, I’d say she was maybe fourteen or fifteen, something like that. I’m not a very good judge of young people’s ages.

Right before they disappeared around the corner, she glanced back at the boy and I caught a brief glimpse of her face. She was a very pretty girl with a bright smile, other than that I can’t say much else. It happened all so fast. But If I saw her on the street, I would instantly recognize her by her smile alone.

I didn’t call out to them this time. I just picked up the pace and rounded the corner to find myself in the empty hallway. They were gone once again, vanished, just like the other day.

I waited in silence. Then there it was. Her giggle, just as I knew it would be. I stepped into the rec room, but I knew I wouldn’t find them there. From the way they had been dressed in their Sunday finest on a Wednesday afternoon made me think of other things. And the clothes had seemed a bit out of fashion, more suited for the nineteen seventies than today.

But like the dog leading me to the playground, I felt like they were leading me here to this room as well. I knew where they wanted me to go. The closet in the corner. I opened the door and looked down, somehow knowing what it was I would find.

The anklet. I picked it up and looked at the charm: “MM”. Yes, it was the very same one I’d set on the secretary’s desk yesterday. But now it had somehow ended up here for me to find again. Why?

Finally I spoke to the darkness. “Hello?”

There was only silence. I wanted to ask if they were ghosts, but that sounds pretty stupid.

Ghosts! yeah right…

Houses built over graves…

Mysterious playgrounds…

Reappearing anklets…


Jeez, what the hell am I thinking these days?

+ + + + + + + + +

“Resurrection Diaries” by Paul D Aronson.

Original text copyright 2007.

10th Anniversary Edition 2017. All Rights Reserved.


2 thoughts on “Resurrection Diaries Entry 10: Kids Again”

  1. “…if she’d known I was pulling the stuff down without gloves on.” 😦 I’m just hoping he washed his hands super thoroughly afterwards. lol

    “But If I saw her on the street, I would instantly recognize her by her smile alone.” I like this line.

    “I wanted to ask if they were ghosts, but that sounds pretty stupid.” This line made me smile.

    The anklet reappearing upstairs was a surprising moment.

    I’m moving on ahead to the next chapter. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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