Seven Days Of Sentences: Day One

As an attempt to get my creative juices flowing again, I thought I would challenge myself, and hopefully challenge other readers/writers as well. So, beginning today I’m starting something I call, “7 days of sentences.” The challenge here is every day for seven days to paint a scene in just one sentence. The sentence can be as lengthy as you like , but once that period is in place, that’s it. The goal here is to create a story in as few words as possible. The story need not be complete, but it does need to describe a scene within that one sentence. In addition, throughout the seven day run, each day’s entry cannot be related to any of the others. At the end of this challenge, you should have seven unrelated sentences that would make starting points for seven different tales. It’s all about creativity and getting motivated to write something. Put your entry in the comments for this post and/or post it in your own blog. Be sure to link it back to this one, so I can read what you came up with. My first day’s attempt is below. Hope you enjoy. Now, let’s have some writing fun!


Rain falls, and Anna watches the stars, wondering if one day she’ll be like a planet colliding with another, knocked off its axis, and spinning wildly into the beautiful darkness.


8 thoughts on “Seven Days Of Sentences: Day One”

    1. Thank you. Glad you liked the sentence and the challenge. Feel free to join in. I think this challenge might be my warm up to NaNoWriMo , which I’m still considering. I’m so indecisive this year

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      1. Thank you! I liked the idea of leaving it ambiguous. 😀

        On a side note, ohmigosh! I’ve hit 1000 chapters in my story! That just boggles my mind. 😀 And a lot of stuff has happened since the last chapter you read. A lot of quiet moments, big OHMYGOSH! moments, and a lot of slowly, quietly building tension.

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