Revamping The Vampire Boys

Hello everyone. No writing to share today, but It’s almost New Years resolution time and so here’s my pledge for 2018. Vampire Boys Of Summer will finally get finished 😉 Well, sort of. I already have Book 2 of a series beginning to gestate in my head. But at least the original story as I dreamed it up will be complete. With that said, and since it is a new year, I decided to revamp the whole story, giving it a new look in both graphics and structure. It’s still the same story, but details have been added in the editing process to flesh the story out and give better insight to the characters and things in Chelsea Valley. I’ve been working on sentence structure as well in an effort to make the reading more smoother and enjoyable. In addition, chapters are being restructured. I have broken most chapters in two, so that each episode can be read in a short amount of time. With as busy as we all are, I feel like the shorter the chapters the more likely a reader will invest his or her online time to it. Not only that but I have determined that most existing web serials run 500 to 1500 words an episode, so that’s what I’m aiming for. Along with the chapter length, most of the chapter titles have changed too, so earlier readers may notice that.

And speaking of those earlier readers, I want to thank you so much for getting in on this in the beginning, and all the time you have spent reading and following the story. I apologize if it seems I am making you reinvest yourself in the tale, but if you bear with me I hope you will find the story more fully realized in the “revamping.” You are one of the reasons I made it so far in the story. Unfortunately at some point I lost the thread of where I was going and got seriously unmotivated, so I had to do something to rejuvenate the characters in my head so I could get back into it.

So with a little luck and inspiration and good old hard work, Vampire Boys Of Summer will be returning in January with Serial episodes running through to April. Yeah, I know that’s quite a run, but I want to get this thing right and not get in such a hurry that it seems rushed. I promise at least one new episode each week, but to be honest, I’m going to try and have a new episode every four days or so.

So I hope you will rejoin me once again as we start this whole thing over. Again, it is essentially the same story with just a little expansion and editing. For now, I will leave the original up, but keep in mind that version is not complete. I may remove it later to avoid confusion, but right now I’ll let it stand in case anyone wants to see what it changed from.

Okay then, hopefully I’ll see you soon with Nora and her adventures with the vampire boys of summer. Until then, fellow writers, keep writing, and fellow readers, we are here to tell you our stories, so stay tuned. It should be an exciting new year 🙂


3 thoughts on “Revamping The Vampire Boys”

    1. Unfortunately the original didn’t get finished and I lost the thread and continuity of the story, so I started over. I think the new edit will bring new life into it. I put it on Tapas as well. Thought I’d try the place out. 😉

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