Waiting For The Cyclone (flash fiction, fan fic)

Another experiment in flash fiction, this little piece started with the first sentence at the starting gate of a timed writing exercise. I just start typing and let it rip. I quickly realized it changed from flash fiction to fan fic about the second sentence in. With that said I guess it can’t truly be flash, as in all fan fic you have some idea about events and characters before you start. Still, I do like what came out of the exercise and so I thought I’d share it. Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

“Waiting For The Cyclone”

She stands in the middle of the dirt road, the old farmhouse off to the left, the wide expanse of the prairie to her right. A hot afternoon breeze blows through her long brown hair. The hem of her gingham dress swirls around her legs, blown about by the same rhythmic wind that signals the coming cyclone. She has waited for this since childhood, keeping her lonely vigil, hoping the one that swept her away once before will return. They have told she is mad, perhaps “tetched in tha head”, but she knows her own experience as if it were written in a book or seen at the movies. It had swept her away before, far from the dying corn rows and starving animals of her Uncle’s farm. And though that had been years ago in childhood, as a young woman she longs for a similar adventure again, something to make her come alive and feel the impossible possibilities of youth. She has missed her friends from long ago, and has found herself unable to make new ones. She feels as if she is dying here, or will die alone at an old age always dreaming of something better, something more wonderful than any wizard could grant. What she needed was one more wicked witch and one less day of wasting away in her own longings. And so she waits for the cyclone, always on the horizon, yet never arriving, still hoping to find that “no place like home” kind of feeling.


9 thoughts on “Waiting For The Cyclone (flash fiction, fan fic)”

  1. I love this! I love how it can stand on its own even without the fan fiction element. It could be Dorothy or it could be any young woman hoping to recapture the magic of when she was younger.

    I really love the mental image this part conjures: “She has waited for this since childhood, keeping her lonely vigil, hoping the one that swept her away once before will return.”

    Great job!

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  2. From the first line, I was already picturing the Wizard of Oz. Something about the dirt road and old farmhouse. I was surprised by how quickly it conjured that image and connected to that story. Well done.

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    1. I’m a huge oz fan so whenever I get a chance I tend to write things around it. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. In the case of Oz and Dorothy, I always felt we never knew what was really going through her head or how she might have grown up always wondering if it was a dream or not.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment. I always felt this was more flash than fan, so it’s good to see others view it this way as well. I am a huge oz fan though πŸ™‚

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