Love Is The Darkest Art 10

(Note: My apologies this post is so short. This part was originally intended to have two different scenes, but for some silly writer reason I thought each scene stood better on their own, so I split it up. Anyway, hope you enjoy and I’ll post the next scene within a couple hours.)

Love Is The Darkest Art

A Dramione fanfic serial

Scene 14:

Hermione Granger sat on the edge of her bed. She tossed another sock on the mattress. Her project of making socks for the house elves could usually distract her from the usual stresses of life at Hogwarts. This evening though, it wasn’t working. Despite the fact she had convinced Ron and Harry not to report Draco’s attack, they both seemed to be suspicious about the incident. All the way back to Hogwarts, they had asked her questions about it. And all the way, she had lied. It grieved her to be dishonest. To keep a secret from her truest friends was just as hurtful to her spirit than if she had flunked the whole school year. And yet she couldn’t come clean. No one would understand. Not Harry. Definitely not Ron. And the girls in her room were no depository for her secrets either. They sat on beds immersed in their own worlds. Lavender Brown. Parvati Patil. She couldn’t confide in them her truest, deepest feelings. Only Draco could hold her secrets. Just as he held her close to himself.

She closed her eyes. Oh Draco, my Draco. Are you really mine? I already feel I am yours. Please do not break my heart. Just love me. I need to see you. Only you can soothe me, make me feel perfect. I’ll give you my dreams. Give me yours.

These tumult of thoughts swirled so largely in her head she didn’t realize that Lavender had gotten up and approached her. “You okay, Hermione?”

Looking up, Hermione put on her best smile. “Never better.” When Lavender didn’t move from where she stood, she knew the girl had something else on her mind. “Why do you ask?”

“Um….Have you ever crushed on somebody?”

The question threw her off, and for a brief second Hermione wondered if Lavender already knew her secret.

“I suppose,” she answered. “I mean, like I crushed on Krum for awhile, i guess.”

“Oh yeah, i can totally see that. Viktor is so dreamy.”

Hermioned nodded. “Yeah he is, but…”

Before she could finish, Lavender interrupted with a but of her own. “But have you ever crushed on someone you shouldn’t have?”

Hermione hoped the surprise didn’t show on her face. She stammered a bit before she could get her answer out. “I…I don’t know. Who am I not supposed to crush on?”

Lavender laughed nervously. “Oh, not you, silly. I’m talking about me.”

“Ohhh,” Hermione replied. “You.” Then it dawned on her. Lavender is crushing on someone. Impossible! “So who is it?”

The other girl blushed and turned to look back at Parvati. Then she lowered her voice. “I can’t really say because ..” She nodded her head in Patil’s direction.

Why would Lavender be concerned about her roommate overhearing? The question had just entered her head, when the answer came to her in a typical Hermione a-ha moment. Parvati Patil was the twin sister of Padma, who had been the date of Ron Weasley at last year’s Yule Ball.

Hermione looked at Lavender with raised eyebrows. “Ron?”

Lavender registereda look of surprise, then shock, then horror. “R..R..Ron! No! Oh, no way,” she cried out, alternating looks at both Hermione and Parvati. Then she bolted back to her own bed and immediately immersed herself in her books, completely dismissing both roommates as if she’d never said a word.

Hermione looked at Parvati, who shrugged and returned to her own studies as well. Hermione shook her head thinking about the possibility of a romance between Ron and Lavender. Like her roommate said, she thought no way, too. And then she thought of herself and Draco. If she had mentioned the romance she herself was immersed in, both girls would have looked at her so incredulous you would have thought a flobberworm was crawling out her nose. She imagined Ron and Harry’s reaction would be ten times worse.

She reached down and picked up the sock she’d been working on for her house elf project. Part of her berated her for even thinking of Draco, and urged her to get back to work. Another part of her, the part that cried out desperately inside, wanted nothing more than to be in his arms again, feeling his hand on her face, lips pressed perfectly to her own.


2 thoughts on “Love Is The Darkest Art 10”

  1. “I’ll give you my dreams. Give me yours.” I really like this line. So lovely.

    “I…I don’t know. Who am I not supposed to crush on?” This made me laugh because it totally sounded like something she would say.

    “Lavender registered a look of surprise, then shock, then horror. “R..R..Ron! No! Oh, no way,” 😆

    “She imagined Ron and Harry’s reaction would be ten times worse.” I don’t think there’s a word in American or British English that could adequately sum up their reactions. 😆

    I’m looking forward to what happens next. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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