50 Words #8

Create a scene/story in exactly 50 words.

50 Words #8

The beast looked back at her with cold, dead eyes. She had thought maybe there was still a human in there somewhere, but now she wasn’t so sure. Even when he reached out to her, his fingers grazing the swell of her breast in curiosity, all she saw was zombie.


5 thoughts on “50 Words #8”

  1. That last line is so wonderfully creepy. Great job! šŸ˜€

    Here’s my #8 and yes! It’s actually less than 50 words…


    Missy and Raven spent most of their honeymoon, reading Dark Shadows comics and comparing them to the original books. Something bad happened to all of Raven’s shirts. So, he was shirtless the whole time. Missy was very happy. He was less than thrilled.

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