50 Words #10

50 Words #10

Jane stepped into the circle. The early morning light filtered through the trees. The stones she had arranged on the forest floor marked the points on her brother’s compass, allowing her to face in the four directions and call upon her goddesses with a wave of her willow shorn wand.

– Paul D Aronson.


7 thoughts on “50 Words #10”

    1. I’d like to think that they did, but it would be an interesting twist if they didn’t. Maybe she isn’t quite powerful enough to wield that kind of magic. Or maybe she has the wrong kind/colored stones. πŸ˜‰

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  1. And here’s my take…

    Bellatrix Lestrange held the Elder Wand aloft in victory. She had found it. She had claimed it as her own. Yet, the victory felt hollow and empty. All because he wasn’t there.

    Yet, she smiled. A bright and wicked smile.

    World domination would be all hers and no one else’s.

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