50 Word Story #12

50 Word Story #12

The sun rises and casts its bright gaze across the molten landscape. The fires of the battle before still burn, fallen bodies drying out in the heat and drawing scavengers to the smoking field. Barren from the war, nothing grows here and no one moves. Everything is dead except memory.

4 thoughts on “50 Word Story #12”

  1. I really like how descriptive this one is. I could see the scene in my head without even looking at the picture. And those last two lines end it perfectly.

    And here’s mine….


    If I get Herothinias to level 84, I should be able to defeat Ramathamakala before he can use his Annhilation technique. I’ll take him to the Dirschen Moors and—


    He winced at the sound of his math teacher’s voice.

    “Stop daydreaming.”

    He sighed and returned to boring addition and subtraction problems.


  2. On a complete side note, I am so happy! After putting my poor characters through an endless day of subplot fun, I finally found the right moment to end that day and make it night. And it just so happens to be the night of Ambrose’s wedding!

    I can’t believe I finally reached this point! 😀 I feel like this whole week leading up to their wedding has taken forever.

    I’m sending my vampires out to go hunt right now and then! 😆

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