50 Word Story #13

“One day you’re going to love ACDC.”

“Like hell,” she says.

I crank the stereo. ‘Back In Black’ blares out.

“I hate that singer.”

I grin. “He repaired cars before he joined the band.”

“Sounds like he drank the motor oil.”

“You’re mean.”

“Of course,” she says with a wink.

4 thoughts on “50 Word Story #13”

  1. And here is my 50 Words #13:

    “It isn’t time yet.” Death double-checked his wristwatch.

    The minutes ticked by so slow.

    He shook his shrouded head. “No. It still isn’t time yet.” He gazed at the sick man. “I have another errand to run. I’ll be back later.”


    Death check his watch again. “Later.”

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