50 Word Story #15

Looking at the beautiful asian girl sitting across from me, I took a sip of my coffee. I thought to myself even if I didn’t believe in magic, magic would believe in me. “Harry,” Cho said, “I wish it were me you were marrying instead of Ginny.” I kissed her.

2 thoughts on “50 Word Story #15”

  1. I liked how you ended this one with “I kissed her” instead of the expected “So do I” or “Me too”. It makes his intent slightly ambiguous, making the reader wonder what he’s going to say after that kiss.

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  2. And here’s my take….

    Snow White hated her complexion. Her skin was white. Not pale. White. With her black hair and white skin, she looked both beautiful and spooky and she was sick of it.

    She bought bronzer and blush and make-up galore.

    She put it all on.

    It was a disastrous mess.

    She loved it.

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