50 Word Story 19

*just me telling a story in exactly 50 words*

The band plays on. Long haired singer, no longer twenty, the lines of experience now covered by a beard, belts out a lament of Glory Days. The drummer keeps the beat after all these years, guitarists still rocking back and forth in usion. Nothing has changed, only the public’s whims.

Note: The image for this post is the Uk rock band, Inglorious. Singer Nathan James is one of my fave modern rock vocalists.

7 thoughts on “50 Word Story 19”

  1. I like how there’s a strong sense of familiarity in this piece. The performers know their roles so well by this point. There’s no question about who plays what when and where. It’s all deeply ingrained in their voices and fingers. And that last line sums it up perfectly.

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  2. And just for the fun of it….

    The black cat kept her secret close to her sleek chest.

    She knew the things she had seen. She had heard the words that they had spoken. She could have betrayed them with a flat “Miaou.”

    But she squinched her eyes and tucked her paws.

    She kept her secret safe.

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