50 Word Story #21

In the house of heroes, there is no glory. Only wasted men with hollow eyes whispering tales that grow vague in meaning as the years fade. Memories live on their tongues, stories dying to be yielded to the younger generations. Yet no one will listen. Technology is the new God.

2 thoughts on “50 Word Story #21”

  1. I went slightly over with this one, even with cutting out some lines/words. But, anyway! Here’s my take:

    The sonata wasn’t perfect.

    The violins’ lines were wrong.

    The melody incomplete and disjointed.

    Every day and every night, she worked on it. But it wasn’t for his sake. Not this time.

    This time, it was for her own sake. She needed to prove that the accident hadn’t stolen everything from her.

    Some things still remained.


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