9 thoughts on “50 Word Story #24”

  1. Hey! It’s good to see you back in this side of town! 🙂 I’m hoping all is going well with you and yours.

    “Still, he practiced what he would say just in case she forgot what a dweeb he was.” Poor guy! I’m going to hope for the best for him, because you never can tell.

    On a complete side note…:lol: I’m feeling super happy! I’m doing NaNo this year again, but this time I’m going to write the whole wonderful drama-filled story of a particular James Arden and May Rose Farlington. I was going to do an original story, but I thought “What if I do a certain Raven’s tale instead?” And I saw no reason not to. I’m already three chapters in and I’m just very happy with how it’s going. 😀

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    1. Thank you, so nice to have found my dusty road map home 😉 Best of luck on Nanowrimo this year! I’m excited too. I’m doing it again as well. I think this is my fourth year. I’m working on a vampire novel that I hope will serve as an allegory of current social and political issues.

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      1. Thank you! 😀

        Ooo! Your story sounds interesting. Absolute best of luck with it!

        It makes me super happy to be writing Raven’s story at last. I’m starting it off when he and May Rose were still kids. What makes me happy is even though they’re just kids with no romantic inclinations just yet, you can see hints of their adult personalities peeking through.

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