Paul D. Aronson is a husband, father, and author from Southwest Virginia. He began his writing career writing poetry, which has been featured in “turning tears Into Words”, an online project designed to promote awareness for domestic violence issues, and in “The Minas Tirith Evening-Star”, the official journal of the American Tolkien Society. In 2008 he published his first book, the supernatural suspense thriller “Resurrection Diaries”, which as of 2016 is available in Kindle, Nook, and iBook format for free. Go to Amazon, B&N, or the Apple store and look for it by name. 🙂

This wordpress blog’s purpose is to show a little bit of the writing process, as in inspiration and the way in which things come together on the page, as well as to showcase various writings of the author. The writings may appear random at times as Paul likes to work on multiple projects, but if you happen to read something that interests you post a comment so more of that project can be added to the page. Already there are three complete novels you can read for free right here in the blog, with a fourth in the works.

An added feature for 2017 has been writing prompts and challenges for the writer of any level. Feel free to jump in and share your creativity with other writers and readers. 

Thanks for visiting!

6 thoughts on “About”

    1. Hi right back! 🙂 Thanks for checking up on me. Unfortunately I have been having some health issues that have interrupted my ability to concentrate on writing, reading, and all the things I’ve been accustomed to. Hopefully the docs will eventually get my medication right, but right now I’m plagued with headaches, fatigue, and fuzzy vision. I hope to get back in the swing soon so I can get back to writing. Thanks again for the heads up 🙂


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