Advocate For The Dead

Welcome to the main page for “Advocate For The Dead”, a complete novel of paranormal suspense. Telling the story of Cole Winter, a former police detective who now helps the dead find out how and why they died, I am kicking this story off as the next daily serial. If you have read my other serial novels, the southern romance “Orchard House & The Heart Of Everything” ,  and my NaNoWriMo project, “Time Of Our Death”, you’ll know how this works. Every couple of days I hope to post a new chapter, or half of one if it gets too long and has to be split up. I like to keep each post at around 2000 – 2500 words (and sometimes less) to create an easy reading experience. So if you like paranormal suspense, and you have a few minutes to spare every  couple days,  I hope you will join me on this adventure with Cole as he attempts to help a confused young spirit discover the details of her death, while dealing with his own personal ghosts as well.

Click the links below to access the different chapters. Thanks and hope you enjoy!

NOTE: All 26 chapters are now collected here for your reading. I’ve had a blast sharing this with you, and can’t wait to begin the next serial project 🙂

What is Advocate For The Dead?

Advocate For The Dead Opening Theme

Chapter 1: Summer & Winter

Chapter 2: Summer’s Grave

Chapter 3: House Of Summer

Chapter 4: In Summer’s Room

Chapter 5: Intruder

Chapter 6: Brother Of A Ghost

Chapter 7: A Life In Rewind

Chapter 8: Two Cops & A Ghost

Chapter 9: Houses Of The Fallen

Chapter 10: The Sheriff & The Spectre

Chapter 11: Mystery & Rage

Chapter 12: Darnell Dean

Chapter 13: The Caden Attic

Chapter 14: Home Is Where The Hurt Is

Chapter 15: Making Calls & Corpses

Chapter 16: The Return Of Summer

Chapter 17: Graveyard Chit-Chat

Chapter 18: Touched By A Ghost

Chapter 19: Behind Closed Doors

Chapter 20: A Lot To Talk About

Chapter 21: Driving Through The Pieces Of A Puzzle

Chapter 22: The Bridge

Chapter 23: A Sort Of Showdown

Chapter 24: Conversation With An Immaterial Woman

Chapter 25: A Horde Of Ghosts

Chapter 26: A Different Kind Of Goodbye (Epilogue)


Extra Stuff with Cole Winter:

All That And A Cup Of Sugar Too (short story)

Author Paul D. Aronson shares some works in progress and the writing process.

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