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Paul is the author of "Resurrection Diaries", a supernatural suspense thriller now available for the Kindle, nook, & ipad for only 99 cents! Autographed hardcopies are still available from the author as well. Paul has several ongoing projects which he showcases on "Paul Writes". He invites you to join him in the writing process and watch these stories unfold. Paul lives with his beautiful wife and son in Virginia.

50 Word Story #15

Looking at the beautiful asian girl sitting across from me, I took a sip of my coffee. I thought to myself even if I didn’t believe in magic, magic would believe in me. “Harry,” Cho said, “I wish it were me you were marrying instead of Ginny.” I kissed her.


50 Word Story #14

I was a man of tweny-five when I fell in love with the middle school teacher. To many that wouldn’t seem a problem, but the fact I’d been in her class twelve years previously complicated things. To transition from corrected papers to tangled sheets was no mere fantasy, but scandal.