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What is Advocate For The Dead?

Ten years ago (wow, has it been that long?) I published my first book, Resurrection Diaries, a first person fictional account about a haunted church and missing girl. At the time I chose self publishing as a way to expedite things. The wait time back then was about two years after you found someone publish it. I wanted the story out there while it still felt fresh to me. I felt like on its release it was a small success. Or at least successful enough for me. I managed to sell close to 125 hard copies on its own, and after the digital book craze hit, I managed to push some more in that medium. Again, that may not seem like much, but for someone who expected to sell maybe a dozen copies to friends, I felt it did alright. (Resurrection Diaries is now available in ebook for free from major channels Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the istore.)
To follow up my first ghost story, I decided to write another within the same genre, so right after publication I started on Advocate For The Dead, a proposed novel about a former police detective with a haunted past who now helps the recently deceased find out how and why they died. Six months later the first draft was complete and feeling like I had accomplished something, I promptly shelved it, despite the fact I had shared the writing process on a little website Writers Cafe, and gained a small following. Unfortunately, Writers Cafe went through some changes and is nowhere close to the place it used to be.
So anyway, here I go planning to dig this buried first draft out and go over it here on my blog. For anyone who has followed any of my serial novels, you will already know what to expect. For purposes of blogging, I like to keep posts at about 2000 words or so. This may mean I’ll have to break up the original chapters some, but it will make a better ease of reading. I will try to have new chapters at least every three days or so, maybe sooner. Now that my wife and I are going through a pregnancy and all it entails , I obviously won’t have as much time set aside for blogging. In addition, I am in the midst of catching up on reading other blogs, so that may slow the process down a little too. But rest assured, by the end you will have read another novel from yours truly.
Though a first draft has been written, i welcome all critique, comments, editing issues, and suggestions. Part of the joy of writing, and sharing what I write, is interaction with readers. Whether it’s just a like, or an actual comment, it helps me as an author know what is working and what isn’t. So, anyway I hope you’ll join me as I post the first chapter in the next couple of days. If you enjoy suspense genres, ghost stories, or mysteries, I think you might be in for a fun ride. I can’t wait to share it with you 🙂