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Poetry & Verse For Vampires and Lovers

Blood Red Passion: Crushingly Beautiful

She lies in velvet
so crushingly beautiful
and I come her
longing to lay with her

Her pale skin glistens
moistened by the waning moon
and as I climb
into her waiting embrace
I am enslaved.

She smiles like heaven
or how I imagine it to be
and her lips call me
ever beckoning to let her kiss
my supple throat.

Her teeth the savior
That will take me from loneliness
and as she drinks me
my whole body screams yes
wanting more.

She lies in velvet
so crushingly beautiful
hoping she’ll make me
her eternal lover

By Paul D Aronson.


Blood Red Passion: Do Vampires Dream?

“Do vampires dream?”

For hours I have watched you sleeping,

the quiet flickering of your eyelids

makes me wish I could be there,

behind those eyes within your dream,

walking through Gothic cathedrals,

waltzing through Parisian courtyards,

making love to you in the silence

of your favorite cemetery.

But I wonder what do vampires really dream?

Do they dream of rising suns

and walking through a summer glade?

or are their dreams just like ours,

to be loved and wanted above all others,

to find that one special person

that makes them feel alive as never before?

And I ponder this one thought,

do you love me or am I just a companion

to make you feel not so alone,

why won’t you turn me?

why won’t you make me as you?

and take me with you down through the ages,

a perfect couple for mortals to fear,

and for us to experience every pleasure

under the cover of the calling night.

For hours I watched you sleeping,

and I want nothing more than your kiss

on my neck, drinking me in,

and making me a mirror image of you;

such beauty and darkness,

wrapped up in cold flesh, warm blood,

and the uncompromising will

to love with fervor and intensity forever…

By Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

Blood Red Passion: The Passion  Of The Vampire

​The morning sun arises

as she buries her face against my shoulder,

wrapping her frame around me

so I will not dissipate like smoke

or some hazy dream.

Last night she said she dreamed me,

And I wonder if I ever existed

until that moment she found me,

cold, shivering, and naked

out in the snow.

I still find it amazing,

an instance of absolute bravery,

that she would take me

and hold me to her breast,

allowing her scent to entice me.

I didn’t want to drink of the angel

but she offered herself willingly,

so as my fingers traced a favorite curve,

I bit… I sipped… I drank…

Tasting the very essence of her.

You of the mortal world will never understand

the passion of the vampire,

the overwhelming intensity of desire

that makes us the creatures we are,

walking the line between darkness and light

straight into the purity of

unyielding… undying… uncomparable love.

By Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved. 

Bliss In The Blood : Blood Red Passion

This is the bliss,

the coursing of my blood

rising to your waiting lips,

the passion unbound

that comes with the union

of these two pale bodies

entwined divine.

This is the bliss,

the quickening of the breath

inhaling your sweet scent,

exhaling onto your skin,

while you writhe above me

in perfect abandonment

of desire and inhibition.

This is the bliss,

pulsing within my veins,

the trembling of my limbs

wrapped tightly around you,

clutching you, scratching you,

digging in my claws,

as you dig in your teeth

and take everything within me,

replacing it with everything beautiful

that is you…

By Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

Blood Red Passion: Die For I

“I would die without you,” she said,

and I wanted to confess I already had,

But how do you tell someone you absolutely adore

the complete truth of you,

when you’re not even sure

who you are,

only who you once were.

“I would give you my soul,” she said,

if you would just take me

any way you want into your embrace,

and all I could think of in that instant

was not drifting souls,

or beating hearts,

but throbbing veins

and the rush of blood flowing through them.

“I would die so willingly for you,” she said,

And so she did just that,

leaving behind all that she was

and all that she would ever be

for a blood red passion

and an insatiable drowning of the soul,

for an eternity of love,

without limits

and without end.

By Paul D Aronson.

Blood Red Passion: Invitation For A Vampire Bride

Come with me my sacred love,

embrace heart, surrender blood,

take my hand and follow me,

down to the darkness to be free,

no more to be afraid, nor to fear,

I shall always protect you here,

lie here to sleep by my side,

and to awaken as my vampire bride,

we will call the night our home,

nevermore to be alone.

By Paul D Aronson.

Blood Red Passion: The Yearning

Can you feel my pulse beneath your fingers?

beating out a rhythm that says,

I yearn for your kiss all over me,

aching to feel your lips upon my skin,

teasing me with what is sure to come,

the piercing of my flesh

as you drink those loving drops of me.

Crimson upon your tongue,

the lifeblood of eternal lovers,

seeking, ever seeking,

the immortal coil,

that are two bodies twisting, entwining,

in the darkness many dread,

but that we embrace.

Can you feel my pulse beneath your fingers?

my blood, my love calling out to you,

begging to feel your lips upon my skin,

yearning, always yearning for your kiss.

By Paul D. Aronson.