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50 Word Story #25

I wish I could go beyond the gate to venture forth in search of delights now denied me. I stand here, hands gripping wrought iron, my head full of memories that once were, or perhaps never had at all. But the cemetery, final as it is, won’t let me leave.

50 Word Story #24

“Kiss me,” he said, but Joseph knew it was pointless. There was no way Eliza crushed on him, the way he crushed on her. Still, he practiced what he would say just in case she forgot what a dweeb he was. “Kiss me,” he said again. The mirror said nothing.

50 Word Story #23

*Still working on my 50 words story experiment, while mulling over whether to do Nanowrimo this year. Got a few ideas, but I’m beating myself up over the possibility of failure. On another note, I’m experimenting with a new blog, Paulie Rocks , which will revisit rock music videos from the 70’s – 90’s, and into the modern age. Right now, I’m doing a 31 days of Halloween Jams feature, so please go give me some views and likes, please*

50 Word Story #23

The sign on the door reads “Victim’s Advocate”. It should say “Dead Victims Advocate,” because unless you are a ghost I can’t help you. My social skills are lacking with live people. I don’t do the internet, clubs, or grocers. I do church however. That’s where the dead ones are.

50 Word Story 19

*just me telling a story in exactly 50 words*

The band plays on. Long haired singer, no longer twenty, the lines of experience now covered by a beard, belts out a lament of Glory Days. The drummer keeps the beat after all these years, guitarists still rocking back and forth in usion. Nothing has changed, only the public’s whims.

Note: The image for this post is the Uk rock band, Inglorious. Singer Nathan James is one of my fave modern rock vocalists.