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Coming soon: Resurrection Diaries 10th Anniversary Serialized Edition

As I’m celebrating the 10th anniversary of my first published book this year, I decided I would open it up and take a nostalgic look at it. I almost recoiled in horror at all my editing mistakes. Yikes! I guess you can learn a lot, maybe even become a better writer, in ten years, but I was surprised on how far I think I have come. So, in the spirit of that, I thought I would go back and try to “fix” some things and in a sense create a tenth anniversary edition.
The original book, Resurrection Diaries, is still available in free digital editions for the nook, kindle, and Apple devices. If you wish, go to the appropriate online retailer and download it. Please leave a review if you do. That’s always helpful. But if you’d rather wait for the “new, improved” version, then I will be posting it here as a serial in the days ahead. Now, just so you know, I don’t plan on changing anything within the plot, only fixing editorial mistakes, so no matter which one you read, you will get essentially the same story. That’s the plan anyway. 
A few things about the story before we start, so you’ll have some idea what to expect. First off, the story itself centers around a haunted church and is written in diary style with separate entries for each day. The narrator’s name is Paul (I didn’t have to think too hard about that one) and though the entries vary in length, they are still short enough to provide an ease of reading. Feel free to comment on any aspect of the story as I move along, whether it’s plot, mechanics, or editing. No writer is an island, so all interactions with readers are graciously accepted. 
Well, I hope you will choose to join me in my nostalgic look at my very first long form story. Though it was published in November 2007, some of its ideas and plot date back even years earlier. If anything, maybe this will be a good example of a writer just starting out and trying to find his voice. 
PS another reason I’m taking a turn at blogging something that has already been written is that I want to keep my blog somewhat active as I prepare to be a father again. We are less a month away from bringing our second child into the world. 🙂
Hope you enjoy and see you soon.

Re-introducing Vampire Boys Of Summer

It’s been a good five or six months since I’ve worked on my manga/anime inspired YA paranormal novel, Vampire Boys Of Summer, and I seem to have lost where I was going, lol. But hey, this is a story that is begging to be finished or turned into something bigger, so before I kick back into it blindly I thought I would just read through what I have already and create a new edit in the process. I don’t plan on removing any of the Story arc, plot devices, or characters, but my intention here is to flesh out a few scenes I felt were rushed or to add some minor details that may have gotten left out first time around. But most of what I will be doing is related to story mechanics: working on long sentences that would work better broken up, punctuation errors, and hopefully dropping a ton of adverbs which I tend to overuse.

For those who have already invested time in reading the original twenty some chapters I apologize. Your dedication and time and comments were very invaluable as the story evolved, so please don’t feel in my doing this I am disregarding any loyal readers. In the end, I hope I will end up with a better, tighter version of this story, and I also hope you’ll take the time to check out the new edits and let me know what you think. I have updated the prologue and first 9 chapters so far.

To new readers and visitors, the original chapters will remain on the blog while I’m working on this. You can access them through the vampire boys page which can be found under the menu heading Vampire Boys Of Summer. The new edits will also appear there and will be marked as such. If you like teen vampires, manga, or anime, hopefully you’ll find something interesting in the tale as I throw a few twists into vampire lore, add some manga style outrageousness, and just have fun with my characters.

Thanks for reading and keep writing with boldness of pen and spirit,

Paul D Aronson.

Vampire Boys Of Summer Main Page

So, what’s next?

So, what’s next? Every time I finish up a project, I am usually already thinking ahead to what I’m going to attempt and write next. But this time, I’m sitting here at my trusty iPad in a writing funk. It’s not that I can’t think of anything. In fact, if I look back through my writings there are plenty of half started and abandoned projects I could dive into. In fact, that’s where “Time Of Our Death” came from, and I’m sure there are some more half starts that could be bashed into shape, but I don know what I want to dive into. I do know that I need to work on finishing up “Vampire Boys Of Summer” before my wife kills me for leaving her hanging, but I also want to start something fresh, so I guess in the next couple of days we may see some erratic postings. Beginnings of stories. Pieces of abandoned fiction, as I try to find my groove. If you run across something you like or would like to see more of , please slap a like on it and drop me a comment to let me know you think it sounds somewhat interesting or something. This kind of thing helps me weed out stories that are lacking something, and work on things that people actually want to read. I guess you could say I’m like a performance artist. I’m driven by my readers 🙂
And while I’m on the subject of readers, just let me take a moment to say thank you to all who follow my blog, read my stuff, or otherwise like what I do. I appreciate every single like I get on my blog. Whether your like comes as a friend, a kindred writer, or a casual reader, it means the world to me, and is fuel for my creativity. And to those who leave comments, your interactions are invaluable to my growth as a writer, and make my writing process a personal experience to share with others. For that, I thank you for your time and thoughts that you so willingly give in this busy life many of us lead these days. 
Alrighty then, let’s get ready for more storytelling, shall we? 

NaNoWriMo 2016 Prep Day 4: Cover Design

Wow, it’s really getting closer to writing time in this year’s competition. I’m just about done with all my prep work, so I thought today I would share some images I created as possible “covers” for my NaNoWriMo project. In case you missed my earlier prep posts, my title this year (my first time competing) is “Our Time Of Death” and will be about a group of teenagers in a tragic accident and trying to cope with the fact they are now ghosts. It is set in 1987 and will be told in first person narrative. Tomorrow I will introduce my character names, but today I’m asking if anyone out there knows an artist who wouldn’t mind drawing a few visual character sketches to help me visual my cast. If you know of any in that you think would be a fit for this, please let me know. Thanks.

In the order of graphics, here are a few of the graphic covers I made. 

If have the time, let me know which one you like best. Thanks!

If you’re taking part this year, feel free to add me as a buddy. Just look for me,  Paul D Aronson.

NaNoWriMo 2016 Prep: Day 2

NaNoWriMo Prep Day 2
So here I go, moving into the second day of prep time for the 2016 National Novel Writers Month competition. I’m starting to get pumped. And it’s coming just in time, because tomorrow I will be finishing up posting my first daily serial novel. It was a process that took about a month and a half to post. Hopefully, I can keep up with the same dedication and diligence to writing something from scratch every day for the month of November.
So for most of yesterday afternoon and evening, I dug into doing some research for the time period I’ll be writing in. My project for November is called “Time Of Our Death”, and it will not take place in the here and now, but instead I’ll be returning to 1987 for this one. Even the title is meant to be the flip side of one of the most popular songs of that year, “I’ve had the time of my life.”

I set about reminding myself of the way things were by looking up the popular movies, music, books, fads, and trends. I ended up with several pages of notes in all this. I also started building my writing playlist, as I always use music in the writing process to set me in the right mood, and for inspiration. In my head like a little movie itself, the story should start off with “Let It Rock” by Bon Jovi.
I sat down with my wife last night, going over some of my ideas and characters I’d been sketching out. I know a lot of writers probably keep things to themselves in the process, but my better half is such an integral part of my writing, and she always contributes different insights and angles I may not initially consider. She helped me name some of my characters, as we perused the most popular baby names of 1972. In 1987, my main characters, all teenagers, should be around 15 or 16, so 1972 seems to be a good starting point for naming.
Today, I will spend time working on an outline as prep for this. According to the rules of the competition, you cannot start writing your novel until Nov 1, but you can do prep work like outlines, character sketches, research, and the like. Now I’m not one for making a solid, complete outline when writing. I do, however, like to outline the first few chapters to give me something to start with. The rest usually just falls in place while writing. So, my plan is to make a brief starting outline today. We’ll see how that goes…

Keep writing, my friends!

PS I have added another item to the main menu. Click the link below to have a look at the main page for all my NaNoWriMo posts.  During the month of November you will always find new updates there, so bookmark it if you are interested in following this process.

My NaNoWriMo 2016

Images of “Orchard House”

In addition to writing, one of my interests is photography and digital art, so I thought I would share a few of my creations here in my blog today. They were designed in conjunction with the writing of my daily serial romance, “Orchard House & The Heart Of Everything,” and hopefully will be of interest to my readers, followers, and other visitors.

This house I used as the model for Orchard House. Taken from a photograph I took, I then gave it this pencil sketch effect through one of my digital art apps.

Here I’m trying out an oil painting effect for this photograph I took to help in writing the scenery of the novel. Apple trees in the orchard, with a little church in the distance, and the mountain peaks behind. They all find their way into the novel. For anyone following the story, the place Matthew and Summer hike to called Sharp Top is the smaller jagged peak in the center of the range in the background here. It is a real place 😉

Going for a dark tone in this image of the road cutting through the orchard. Whenever possible I like to do photographic studies for my long form stories, and these are just a few I did for the daily serial romance. Hope you enjoyed. 

Vampire Boys Playlist (so far)

While I’m taking a very short break from the story, I thought I would share with readers my playlist of music that I was listening to while writing this tale. I am an avid music fan, especially when it comes to Japanese rock (J-Rock) and Korean pop (K-Pop). For this story, my main character, Nora, is a big fan of  J-Rock too, so it makes sense to me her playlist would be full of music from that genre. So, to get me in that mood I assembled this playlist. Many of these songs are actually referenced or hinted at in some way through the chapters that have gone before, and for those that weren’t, I just felt like they  fit the mood I was trying to create. I’m not going to post links or anything, but you can probably find most of these, if not all, by doing a YouTube search. Hope you find something here you like. I’ve listed the song title first, followed by the artist, and they are assembled in chronological order on how I feel they would fall into the story.

Loveless – Luna Sea

My Heart Draws A Dream – L’arc En Ciel

Queens Are Trumps – Scandal

Las Vegas – B’z

Feel – Exist Trace

Tears –  X Japan

Sweet Emotion – Nanase Aikawa

Incubus – Acid Black Cherry

Ashioto (Be Strong) – Mr Children

Tears & Rainbows – Olivia

I’ll post part 2 of this playlist once we get further into the story. Thank you for reading, and hopefully I will see you tomorrow with another installment of “Vampire Boys”. See you then…