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Several months back, another writer friend introduced me to the writer’s social media app, Mirakee. In India, i believe the word Mirakee may mean creativity. So as such I’ve tried to be a little creative by making some memes that are meant to be encouraging to writers. I’ll be sharing some of these in the days ahead. The one above is the latest one. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to spread it around 🙂


Revamping The Vampire Boys

Hello everyone. No writing to share today, but It’s almost New Years resolution time and so here’s my pledge for 2018. Vampire Boys Of Summer will finally get finished 😉 Well, sort of. I already have Book 2 of a series beginning to gestate in my head. But at least the original story as I dreamed it up will be complete. With that said, and since it is a new year, I decided to revamp the whole story, giving it a new look in both graphics and structure. It’s still the same story, but details have been added in the editing process to flesh the story out and give better insight to the characters and things in Chelsea Valley. I’ve been working on sentence structure as well in an effort to make the reading more smoother and enjoyable. In addition, chapters are being restructured. I have broken most chapters in two, so that each episode can be read in a short amount of time. With as busy as we all are, I feel like the shorter the chapters the more likely a reader will invest his or her online time to it. Not only that but I have determined that most existing web serials run 500 to 1500 words an episode, so that’s what I’m aiming for. Along with the chapter length, most of the chapter titles have changed too, so earlier readers may notice that.

And speaking of those earlier readers, I want to thank you so much for getting in on this in the beginning, and all the time you have spent reading and following the story. I apologize if it seems I am making you reinvest yourself in the tale, but if you bear with me I hope you will find the story more fully realized in the “revamping.” You are one of the reasons I made it so far in the story. Unfortunately at some point I lost the thread of where I was going and got seriously unmotivated, so I had to do something to rejuvenate the characters in my head so I could get back into it.

So with a little luck and inspiration and good old hard work, Vampire Boys Of Summer will be returning in January with Serial episodes running through to April. Yeah, I know that’s quite a run, but I want to get this thing right and not get in such a hurry that it seems rushed. I promise at least one new episode each week, but to be honest, I’m going to try and have a new episode every four days or so.

So I hope you will rejoin me once again as we start this whole thing over. Again, it is essentially the same story with just a little expansion and editing. For now, I will leave the original up, but keep in mind that version is not complete. I may remove it later to avoid confusion, but right now I’ll let it stand in case anyone wants to see what it changed from.

Okay then, hopefully I’ll see you soon with Nora and her adventures with the vampire boys of summer. Until then, fellow writers, keep writing, and fellow readers, we are here to tell you our stories, so stay tuned. It should be an exciting new year 🙂

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Season’s greetings everyone! This year has been a wonderfully creative time for me, both in my writing and personal life, and so i just want to thank everyone for joining me this past year in all the fictional happenings that just fell out of my head. In addition to my writing catalog expanding a little, my family made an expansion of its own with the birth of our daughter Arwen, making this a truly magical period in my life.

To everyone who checked out my writing this year, or followed my work, I thank you. It has always been my desire to have others read and enjoy what i do here. So thank you for taking the time to support me as a writer and storyteller. I hope to have some exciting things happening next year on the blog, starting with the big “re-vamp” of Vampire Boys Of Summer. I say big, because the tale is fleshing out further through the editing process and I’ll be retiring the original graphics used to promote the tale in favor of something new, which I think represents the story a lot better. All that will begin the first week in January, so keep an eye out.

Okay, enough plugging my work. Find yourself some mistletoe and share the holiday season with your loved one. And while Haru and Nora exhibit the most wonderful time of Christmas in today’s graphic, they and their little ole creator wish you the merriest of times this holiday. We look forward to celebrating clear into the new year with you. God bless and Merry Christmas to all 🙂

Jonghyun Is Forever (poem in memory of kpop star Jonghyun of SHINee)

The voice in my ear is silenced

The earbuds fall with my tears

I feel as if a friend has left me

One I have admired for years

Always there to pick me up

His voice could lift me to stars

No matter how i was feeling

Happy times never seemed far

Whether alone or with the boys

He was all heart and every soul

But now I just feel all empty

As if the whole worlds gone cold.

And even through my grief

There’s a connection never severed

If music itself is timeless

Then Jonghyun is forever.

Paul D Aronson

Dec 18, 2017

Ghost Boy Blues

Author’s Note: like it often does inspiration struck me with a phrase that just leaped into my head, so this is what came from it. I don’t know how far I will go with this, but I thought I’d share it anyway. As a writer I don’t like leaving stuff around unseen, but believe everything should be put out there for people to find and read. By the way, the phrase that got this thing started is actually the last sentence of this piece. Just thought I’d let you know in case you were curious. Alrighty then, here we go. Hope you enjoy.

Ghost Boy Blues

She doesn’t see me; she never does. I’m a ghost in the room, passing from desk to desk, until I am beside her, close enough for my breath to touch her neck. But I hold it, never exhaling upon her skin but longing to tell her how I once loved her.

It’s at time likes these I wish I would have at least tried to tell her. But the truth is I lacked the courage then. Even now, moving about unseen, relegated to just a feeling in the room, I can’t seem to convey my feelings. Even as a ghost I lack the bravery necessary just to whisper “I love you” in her ear.

She wouldn’t even know where it came from. She might even think she was hearing things that weren’t really there, but I feel like that just like me she could benefit from knowing she is adored above all the stars in the sky. There must be a way to let her know. Some instance where I can show the whole class that despite who I once was, how insignificant my existence had been, I was now the shadow that would never leave her side, the shelter among all her teenage storms. I am the ghost boy with the cold blue eyes and the heart of fire.

Episode 2


Seven Days Of Sentences: Day 4

This daily writing challenge is making me want to do the daily writing thing in NaNoWriMo next month. I know I wouldn’t be able to finish the required 50k words this time around, but it is giving me the itch to get back to long form compositions. Okay, so here we go with the challenge at hand today, to tell a story or illustrate a scene in just one sentence. Don’t be afraid to do your own here and post it in the comments. Have fun!


David stood at the tracks, watching the locomotive’s approach, thinking to himself that high school was over and stowing away on a boxcar would carry him to a better place.