Orchard House: Daily Serial Novel

Welcome to “Orchard House And The Heart Of Everything”, a daily serial novel.  A modern southern romantic drama, “Orchard House”, is completely different from anything I have written to date. Inspired by a last minute stop on the way home from my honeymoon, this tale unfolds in bite sized chapters of 2000 words or less, and can be easily digested with your morning coffee or afternoon tea. 

Part of storytelling is the spreading of the tale, so if you like the story, please share, link, like, or comment as you read along. This is a complete novel, and I’m pleased to be able to share this book with you, readers. I hope you will find something within it that speaks to you, and that it in turn, may inspire, encourage, and compel you to make your own love story for the ages, either in the written world or in real life. 

Feel free to access the beginning of the story, or any point within it, through the links below. If you run across any broken or wrong links, don’t hesitate to let me know. thanks!

Paul D Aronson

Part 1: Running On Empty

Part 2: Twyla

Part 3: Welcome Home

Part 4: Call Me The Breeze

Part 5: Life Is A Highway

Part 6: You Can’t Eat A Book

Part 7: Country Girl

Part 8: Hotel California

Part 9: Waiting For Summer

Part 10: Kenny In The Kitchen

Part 11: Hungry Hearts

Part 12: All Summer

Part 13: If You Wanna Get To Heaven

Part 14: So Into You

Part 15: Parking Lot Interlude

Part 16: Tiny Lights And Something More

Part 17: Damage

Part 18: Peach Ice Cream And Television

Part 19: What about Dad?

Part 20: Crazy As Me

Part 21: Goodbye Earl

Part 22: Accidental Couple

Part 23: Ride To The River

Part 24: Fade Into You

Part 25: Summer Daydream

Part 26: Cookout For Two

Part 27: Still Got The Blues

Part 28: What If’s

Part 29: Fortunes And The Truth

Part 30: Slow Down, Tiger

Part 31: Under The Apple Trees

Part 32: A Portrait and Pizza

Part 33: The Hike

Part 34: Sharp Top

Part 35: Kiss And Drive

Part 36: Dance Naked

Part 37: Dreams Come To Life

Part 38: Apples Not Peaches

Part 39: Apple Festival

Part 40: Gunboat’s Tale

Part 41: Caught In The Rain

Part 42: Florence

Part 43: Church Confession

Part 44: The Invitation

Part 45: Dressed For The Party

Part 46: Street Party

Part 47: Wonderful Tonight

Part 48: Gunboat’s Gift

Part 49: Dinner With Earl

Part 50: Breaking Earl

Part 51: Earl’s Revelation

Part 52: Her Mother’s Letter

Part 53: Matthew’s Confession

Part 54: Matthew’s Decision

Part 55: Last Dance

Part 56: Left Handed Kiss

Part 57: I’m Going To Miss This

Part 58: Thanking Helen

Part 59: Dinner With Friends

Part 60: Last Night As We Were

Part 61: Packing Up

Part 62: Saying Goodbye

Part 63: Waiting For The Bride

Part 64: The Heart Of Everything

Author Paul D. Aronson shares some works in progress and the writing process.

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