50 Words #8

Create a scene/story in exactly 50 words.

50 Words #8

The beast looked back at her with cold, dead eyes. She had thought maybe there was still a human in there somewhere, but now she wasn’t so sure. Even when he reached out to her, his fingers grazing the swell of her breast in curiosity, all she saw was zombie.


50 Words #7

Create a scene/story in exactly 50 words

50 Words #7

It’s gone now, the big empty warehouse where the raves were held at. They say it was the vampires that spoiled all the fun, but personally I thought it was the drugs, altering our minds so much we thought we were meant to sparkle and drink the blood of others.

50 Words #2

*Continuing my 50 word challenge/prompt, I encourage you to do your own. The goal is to create a scene/story in exactly 50 words. No more, no less. Any subject or theme. The goal here is to just write and maybe practice some self editing in the process. I find this helpful when thinking about writing larger bodies of work. So anyway, have fun and write!*

50 words #2

The coffee cup is cold now, steam dissipated into the chill morning air. At the bus stop, the rain begins, and I wish for the woman with the blue umbrella to show early, coming down the street from her apartment to join me in the wait for the morning commute.

-Paul D Aronson